WEBUI - trma1big/wfm Wiki


by default the web interface respond on port 80 ( view .env PORT = 80 HOST = ). go to http://localhost.

MAIN function

  • Workflows management : create workflows with task assigned and visibility roles - entity - and display overall status of an entire workflows
  • task management : import BPN diagram (you will find in example folder some bpmn diagram that you can use as starting point) and convert information as tasks and description and display overall status of an entire list of tasks part of workflow
  • tasks status information : view status of every single task in a workflows and for special role change it
  • Online BPMn diagram editor


CRUD interface to manage workflows List image Edit image


CRUD interface to manage Tasks the Create function permit to upload a BPMn diagram files, create from the uploaded diagram the list of tasks. upload image created tasks list image

the Edit function permit to edit the BPMn diagram files and recreate from the changed diagram the list of tasks

the View BPM function permit to view the status of every task image

from this view it's possible to change every single task status image

BPMn diagram Editor



table and graph about execution of task over time. image

Exporting DATA

all table present give to possibility to export the PDF version or copy in clipboard the data. image

Default username

the default username is admin with password defined during the node install.js process. go to users management interface for documentation.