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This is a follow up for the PiSDR distro we discussed that day when returning equipment to the lab, I forgot about this. Can just forward this email to the people taking over our project.

The people taking over our project will have 2 choices, the 1st is to port over the entire project from 3.8 to GNU Radio 3.9 OOT Module in order to use the newest version 6.1 with 64-bit support of PiSDR. Possible performance increase over 32-bit version.

luigifcruz/pisdr-image: 🥧 A SDR Linux Distro for the Raspberry Pi and other SBC. Compatible out of the box with multiple SDR. - GitHub

GNU Radio 3.9 OOT Module Porting Guide

The 2nd choice is to use the older version of PiSDR 5.0 which uses GNU Radio 3.8, and the respective packages which work specifically with 3.8. But they will need to look through all and double check.

Release PiSDR Version 5.0 · luigifcruz/pisdr-image

All packages listed here

pisdr-image/builder/stage4 at v5.0.0 · luigifcruz/pisdr-image

So for example, look at the package and the bash script to ensure correct version. Like the 3rd image for gr-limesdr where bash script git checkout the GNU Radio 3.8 compatible version.




Best regards, Mervin Ling Tong Yang