List of Plugins - thoughtbot/administrate Wiki

Administrate allows you to add additional field types using plugins.

A simple list of plugin gems can be viewed as reverse dependencies of administrate.

Additional Features

These gems add new features to Administrate.

gem description
administrate-base_controller Extends the ApplicationController in Administrate
administrate-default_order Add default ordering to Administrate controllers
administrate_exportable Simple plugin to add CSV export feature to Administrate
administrate_ransack Improve Administrate search filters using Ransack
administrate-serialized_fields Automatically deserialize administrate fields on form submit.
administrate_collapsible_navigation Collapsible navigation sidebar
administrate_batch_actions Batch / bulk actions plugin for Administrate


Various new fields, alphabetically ordered by gem name.

gem description
administrate-field-active_storage Administrate fields for active storage
administrate-field-acts_as_taggable Administrate fields for ActsAsTaggableOn
administrate-field-belongs_to_search Add support to search through (potentially large) belongs_to associations in your Administrate dashboards.
administrate-field-boolean_emoji A plugin to visually display boolean fields in Administrate
administrate-field-boolean_to_yes_no Custom Administrate field boolean_to_yes_no
administrate-field-carrierwave A plugin to manage Carrierwave attachments in Administrate
adminsitrate-field-code A text field that shows a code block.
administrate-field-ckeditor Plugin for adding ckeditor support in Administrate
administrate-field-classy_enum ClassyEnum field plugin for Administrate
administrate-field-collection_select Custom Administrate field collection_select
administrate-field-color Color field plugin for Administrate
administrate-field-country A plugin to deal with country selection in Administrate
administrate-field-tinymce A plugin to use the Trix WYSIWYG editor in Administrate
administrate-field-date_picker A plugin to select dates with a date picker in Administrate
administrate-field-enum Enum field plugin for Administrate
administrate-field-enumerate enumerate_it field plugin for Administrate
administrate-field-enumerize Plugin for adding Enumerize gem support in Administrate.
administrate-field-froala Plugin for adding Froala WYSIWYG editor support in Administrate
administrate-field-globalize Globalized string and text field plugin for Administrate
administrate-field-globalize-string Globalized string and text field plugin for Administrate
administrate-field-globalize-text Globalized string and text field plugin for Administrate
administrate-field-hex_color_picker Custom Administrate field hex _color_picker
administrate-field-hidden A plugin for hidden fields in Administrate
administrate-field-hyperlink A string field that shows a hyperlink.
administrate-field-image Official Image field plugin for Administrate
administrate-field-i18n_enum A plugin to i18n enum attribute select box in Administrate.
administrate-field-jsonb JSON / JSONB field plugin with show customization for Administrate
administrate-field-json JSON field plugin for Administrate
administrate-field-jsontable JSON to table field plugin for Administrate
admininistrate-field-lat_lng Adds an Administrate::Field::LatLng for viewing & editing latitude/longitude fields on a map
administrate-field-lazy_belongs_to A belongs to-like field that lazily loads candidates from a custom endpoint.
administrate-field-list simple plugin in order to be able to view and edit serialized list within Administrate.
administrate-field-markdown Markdown field plugin for Administrate
administrate-field-money A plugin to deal with money in Administrate
administrate-field-nested_has_many Plugin for nested has_many forms in Administrate
administrate-field-paperclip Integrates Paperclip as a field for Administrate in Rails apps
administrate-field-password Easily add Password fields to your administrate views
administrate-field-refile Easily add Refile fields to your administrate views
administrate-field-scoped_belongs_to A belongs_to field that yields itself to the scope option
administrate-field-scoped_has_many A has_many field that yields itself to the scope option
administrate-field-select Adds an Administrate::Field::SelectBasic for creating dropdown selects in your dashboards.
administrate-field-select_essential Custom Administrate field select_essential
administrate-field-shrine Integrates Shrine as a field for Administrate in Rails apps.
administrate-field-simple_markdown A plugin to handle Markdown text in Administrate
administrate-field-simple_mde_markdown A plugin for markdown fields in Administrate using SimpleMDE
administrate-field-state_machine A plugin to handle state machine attributes in Administrate
administrate-field-time Time field plugin for Administrate
administrate-field-trix A plugin to use the Trix WYSIWYG editor in Administrate
administrate-field-type Adds an Administrate::Field::Type for allowing the selection of an STI subtype in dashboards.
administrate-field-unixtime A plugin to show and edit unixtime field within Administrate.
administrate-field-ordered_has_many A plugin to show and edit ordered has_many associations in Administrate.

Themes & UI

UI plugins, alphabetically ordered by gem name.

gem description
administrate-bootstrap Rails administrate admin engine, with Bootstrap styling and several custom fields.
administrate-bootstrap-theme Yet another Bootstrap theme, but installable only via CSS/JS assets
administrate-materialize-theme A Material theme for Administrate based on Materialize framework