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Tasks need to be done before building the web application

The parallax effect -> watch CSS parallax scrolling website (Codehal)

Colour palette might be slightly different due to different parallax images -> research again.


Task Allocated To Target Date
Parallax effect CSS (Codehal) Adrian Mon 12 feb
Colour palette Adrian Mon 12 feb


Colour palette from the parallax images:

  • Sky: A bright azure with slightly purple undertones (#AACCFF)
  • Mountains: A range of colors including a darkish purple (#33297F), green gray (#BDBDBD), and pale green (#D2FBE8).
  • Lake: A dark teal blue (#00648C)
  • Foreground: A light grayish green (#BDBDBD) with patches of a warm brown (#9F6E4A)

Suggestions: 🎨

Warmer Accents: 🍑

  • Burnt Orange: This brings a vibrant, autumnal warmth that contrasts beautifully with the cooler tones.
  • Coral or Peach: A softer orange can add a sunny, summery vibe.
  • Mustard Yellow: A muted yellow creates a vintage, earthy feel.

Deeper Neutrals: 🟫

  • Charcoal Gray: Enhances the sophistication of the palette with a darker, richer neutral.
  • Dark Brown: This provides a strong grounding point against the lighter tones.
  • Navy Blue: Ties in thematically with the lake and sky colors with a deeper hue.

Additional Pastels:🌴

  • Lilac: Complements the subtle purple notes in the sky and mountains.
  • Sage Green: Blends harmoniously with the green-gray elements.
  • Pale Pink: Offers a delicate, contrasting note to the deeper blues and greens.

It's all about the intention:

  • Use warm accents sparingly to introduce vibrancy and energy.
  • Deeper neutrals add contrast and weight, making the palette feel more grounded.
  • Additional pastels enhance the soft, calming nature of the existing colors.