BC kd command - tetris245/ULTRAbc GitHub Wiki

This command will launch the Kinky Dungeon game from a chat room. You need to use it as explained below:

1 - Optionally, use

  • /kd debug to enable the Debug Mode (Tip: check the internal enhanced KD menu!)

  • /kd devious to toggle the Devious Challenge

2 - Use /kd TWICE without any option to launch the game without cheat

3 - After launching of the game, you can click on the Exit button to go back to the chatroom and use a command with cheat:

  • /kd maxstats to get high stats and many potions

  • /kd moreitems to get all extra items

  • /kd outfits to get all outfits

  • /kd remove to remove one layer of restraints

  • /kd restraints to get all restraints

  • /kd spells to get special spells for extra slots and improved stats

  • /kd weapons to get all weapons

4 - Check the cheat effect on the game before repeating step 3 for another cheat