BC character commands - tetris245/ULTRAbc GitHub Wiki

Difficulty commands

  • /difficulty (number) to change the game difficulty while bypassing the screen asking for confirmation. The number must be between 0 and 3:

    0 = roleplay - 1 = regular - 2 = hardcore - 3 = extreme

    The change is direct and automatic, even when a rule normally prevents it. It can happen you need to repeat the procedure during 7 days after relogging.

  • /permission (number) to change your item permission. The number must be between 0 and 5:

    • 0 Everyone, no exceptions - 1 Everyone, except blacklist - 2 Owner, Lover, whitelist & Dominants
    • 3 Owner, Lover and whitelist only - 4 Owner and Lover only - 5 Owner only

Inventory command

  • /resetinventory to remove from your inventory all the clothes and items that are not provided when playing the first time.

    A warning is included, you need to confirm with /resetinventory yes

Roles commands

Two commands are related to the roles you want to play or quit in the Bondage Club, the changes can be checked in your profile:

  • /roleplay (rolehere) to start a role

    Available roles are:

    • clubmistress, clubslave, doctor, escapedpatient, headmaid, kidnapper, maid, magician, magus, masterkidnapper
    • mistress, nurse, oracle, patient, permanentpatient, sage, sorcerer, warlock, witch, wizard

    Be careful with the clubslave role, you will be forced to complete the club slave contract. Similar remark for escaped patient!

  • /rolequit (role or clubarea here) to cease playing a role

    Available options are:

    • asylum to cease being doctor, nurse, patient or permanent patient
    • clubslave to break the club slave contract
    • ggts to leave ggts training (back to level 0)
    • kidnapper to cease being kidnapper or master kidnapper
    • magician to cease one of the 8 magic roles
    • management or mistress to cease being mistress or club mistress
    • sorority or maid to cease being maid or headmaid

Stats commands

Several commands allow to increase your stats in the game, the changes can be checked in your profile:

  • /maxstatistics to get max statistics, especially for your skills and reputation.

    However, some things need to be changed manually - see the roles commands

  • /reputation (reputation) (level) to change the level of a specified reputation

    Available reputations: abdl, amplector, corporis, dominant, gambling, gaming, kidnap, larp, maid, maiestas, nurse, patient, submissive, vincula.

    Level must be between 0 and 100.

  • /skill (skill) (level) to change the level of a specified skill

    Available skills: bondage, dressage, evasion, infiltration, lockpicking, selfbondage, willpower.

    Level must be between 0 and 10.

Title command

  • /title (newtitlehere) to choose a new title without using the title menu. The change can be checked in your profile.

    It provides more options than this menu, because it also changes required parameters to get the specified title.

    Available titles:

    • agent, angel, baby, bondage baby, bondage maid, bunny, coldbloodhorse, clubslave, collegestudent
    • demon, diaperlover, doctor, doll, drone, duchess, escapedpatient, farmhorse, flyingpegasus, foal, foxy
    • goodgirl, goodslave, goodslavegirl, headmaid, hotbloodhorse, houdini, infiltrator, kidnapper, kitten
    • ladyluck, littleone, magician, magus, maid, majesticalicorn, masterkidnapper, mistress, mole,
    • nawashi, nurse, operative, oracle, patient, permanentpatient, patron, puppy, sage, shiningunicorn
    • sorcerer, succubus, superspy, switch, warlock, warmbloodhorse, wildmustang, wizard, witch