BC automatic features - tetris245/ULTRAbc GitHub Wiki

Several automatic features are provided by ULTRAbc:

  • Auto Alternative Support for OOC Mode by allowing to use a comma to start a message. The comma is converted into a bracket and another bracket is added at the end of your message.

  • Auto Better Chat Search by addition of room types buttons in Chat Search

  • Auto Easy Access To Chat Rooms by extra buttons in Main Hall, Chat Search and Friendlist, allowing to switch between lobbies + back to asylum entrance or main hall when leaving search screen corresponding to a lobby

  • Auto Extension of Emotes to Whispers (messages starting with * or **). If you are in whisper mode, you need to first leave this mode if you want to send a public emote, that will be seen by every player in the chat room. Other solution: use /me or /action (standard BC commands).

  • Auto Extra Buttons in Main Hall to access changelog and wiki on github

  • Auto Extra Buttons In Wardrobe - Export and Import for outfit + restraints - Note: the Export button can be used only when you come from a chat room - more info in BC bondage commands