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Welcome to the ULTRAbc wiki!

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Commands and features

Most ULTRAbc features are controlled by commands that you can use only in a chat room.

Type first /uhelp to get the complete list of available help categories, then explore the categories!

Many commands require parameters. When used without any parameter, they will give you info about their using.

Special case: To know how to use the /kd command (access to Kinky Dungeon), you need to use /uhelp kd.

Note: Some UBC features are automatic - see BC automatic features

Commands with target

Several commands require to specify a target. It can be

  • the real name, not a nickname. These commands can fail if the targetname includes spaces.
  • the Member Number - this way is safe, no risk of a failed command.

With most concerned commands, it's possible not to specify the target. In this case, the command is executed on the player. However, specifying the target is mandatory in some commands: /hint, /lock, /spin, /unlock and /whisper.


  • The target must be an UBC user, otherwise the command will not be executed._

  • Be sure to interact with the target before using the command. It can be a kiss, a pet, cuddles, etc... or just a simple click! It is required since conditions related to global items permission have been added.

  • If the target has enabled the Uwall protection, the following commands will not be executed and you will be informed about that:

    clothes - hint - invisible - itemcolor - lock - naked - outfit (all load and save options) -

    pet - pose2 - randomize - restrain - safeworditem - sleep - solidity - spin - totalrelease -

    underwear - unlock - untie - visible - wrobe

About Uwall

Uwall is very simple mod to protect you from trolls abusing ULTRAbc commands with target.

If you use the FBC mod, this protection is enabled by default.

If you don't use the FBC mod, you can install the stand-alone version: https://github.com/tetris245/Uwall

How to disable the Uwall protection?

To fully enjoy all the UBC features, you need to disable Uwall, at least when you play with friends.

If you use the FBC mod, you need to unselect the case in page 2 of Immersion Settings

If you don't use FBC, but only the Uwall mod, you need to use the toggle /uwall command

Wiki and uhelp command

This wiki will guide you in the exploration and using of these commands and features. It is structured in the same way as the uhelp command.

The extra buttons in wardrobe are mentioned in the bondage page, the automatic features are mentioned in a specific page.