Recent Changes - stronnag/mwptools Wiki

"Rolling" release note

As mwptools does not really make releases (though there is a somewhat current .deb file), this page provides notice of significant changes. If you want to see the gory details, Github provides a formatted commit log.




By default, it will display a tasteful gold star which one may drag around. It has no purpose other than showing some random location, for example the actual location of the GCS when the safehome is some distance away.


If you don't like the icon, you can override it by creating your own icon in ~/.config/mwp/pixmaps/ (as one can for any mwp specific icon), with the same file name as the default in $prefix/share/mwp/pixmaps/. So below, I override $prefix/share/mwp/pixmaps/gcs.svg with ~/.config/mwp/pixmaps/gcs.svg (which happens to be: (a) a stronnag and (b) a PNG, not SVG, but we're a real OS and file "extensions" are an advisory illusion).


gpsd will drive the GCS location icon if available and valid.


Couple of new settings:

Setting Usage
gpsd-host Provider (host) for GCS location via gpsd. Default is "localhost", can be set to other host name or IP address. Setting blank ("") disables.
misc-icon-size Size for miscellaneous icons (radar, GCS location) in pixels. -1 means the image's natural size (no scaling)


Please see the video replay article, as it decribes a couple of new dependencies.




otxlog has morphed into one of the flightlog2x tools (this projects provides binary releases). As the command line options are different, the older stuff which was not maintained is removed. This now means there is a single, consistent maintained toolset that replays Blackbox, OpenTX, BulletGCSS and Ardupilot .bin logs in a coherent manner (as well as doing other things like generating beautiful KMLs from logs, log2mission etc.).

The replay menu option is enabled by having fl2ltm somewhere on $PATH; fl2ltm will enable BBL, OTX, Bullet and Ardupilot logs . The older BBL script remains for now, but is not maintained and will be removed at some stage. BBL also requires blackbox_decode to be available; Ardupilot requires their script. If these additional tools are missing, their menu options will be disabled.