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Setting the language

The in-game default language is English (en-GB). The language can be changed by manually replacing the messages.yml with your own translated version of the file.

It can also be changed by running the command /trsetup setlanguage and selecting one of the translated languages. Alternatively it can be set manually by editing the config.yml file, for example to set the language to French:

language: fr-FR

In both cases, the current messages.yml file should be manually backed up (if required) and then deleted first. After setting the language the messages file should be reloaded by running the /trsetup reloadmsg command. If an unsupported or untranslated language is selected, it will revert to the default language.


If you would like to contribute to the project by providing a translation in your native language, click the language you wish to contribute, and it will take you to the relevant page on You will need to create an account and/or login to Crowdin.

The following language options are some of those available on Crowdin. If your language is not listed, contact me and I can add the language you require, or I can manually upload your translated file into Crowdin.

Language Language Code Progress
English en-GB default
Arabic ar-SA ar-SA translation
Chinese, China zh-CN zh-CN translation
Chinese, Taiwan zh-TW zh-TW translation
Czech cs-CZ cs translation
Danish da-DK da translation
Dutch nl-NL nl translation
English, United States en-US en-US translation
Finnish fi-FI fi translation
French fr-FR fr translation
German de-DE de translation
Italian it-IT it translation
Japanese ja-JP ja translation
Korean ko-KR ko translation
Norwegian no-NO no translation
Polish pl-PL pl translation
Portugese pt-PT pt-PT translation
Russian ru-RU ru translation
Spanish es-ES es-ES translation
Swedish sv-SE sv-SE translation
Welsh cy-GB cy translation

Using Crowdin

First, if you don't already have one, create an account on

In progress........


Thanks to the following people for supporting the project with translations in their native languages.