VanillaHUD Plus Changelog - steam-test1/PD2Updates GitHub Wiki


  • Updated burstfire to support the new volley firemode
  • Updated CustomHUD to support the new volley firemode
  • Switched auto updates to GitLab
  • Fixed CustomHUD Leech display not scaling by MrDogit
  • Updated some Russian localization by MrDogit
  • Updated French localization by Tripticon84
  • Updated Chinese localization by Arknights
  • Added the new weapons to the Real Weapon Names option


  • Fixed a crash when using Sora's HUD Reborn


  • Reverted some improvements of GamesInfo/HUDList from WolfHUD, but kept some missing timers/items
  • May fix a interaction crash
  • Fixed ECM retrigger timer not showing


  • Fixed BurstFire crash
  • Fixed DrivingHUD texture crash
  • Attempt 2 at disabling CustomHUD and Vanilla Extras while playing in the VR version
  • Fixed wave counter overlapping with HUDList
  • Fixed Fast.NET friends showing missing localization
  • Attempt at fixing profile menu crash
  • Disabled Damage Indicators in the VR version
  • Attempt at fixing damage popup crash
  • HUD Scaling now works with Vanilla and CustomHUD types
  • Fixed weapon color/skins display in CustomHUD from WolfHUD
  • Added some improvements to GamesInfo/HUDList from WolfHUD
  • Replaced multi laser fix from WolfHUD


  • Fixed subtitle position setting not working
  • Increased the horizontal buff list offset max and min to 500 (Note some icons may get cut off when using the max and min values)
  • Attempt at fixing the armor break buff not following what it's set to
  • Fixed dodge values not showing without activating sicario smoke when using the perk deck
  • Added Golf Cart texture to DrivingHUD from Berk Rider


  • Fixed missing localization


  • Updated french localization
  • Added a option to set the horizontal position of the buff list
  • Disabled CustomHUD and Vanilla Extras while playing in the VR version
  • Attempt at fixing the Leech UI not scaling with CustomHUD


  • Final turret crash fix
  • Renamed MUI Assault Fix to be clearer to what it actually does


  • Fixed a potential crash with Swat Turrets
  • Added option to move the position of subtitles (General HUD Options > Other HUD Options > Set Subtitles Position)


  • Redid the turret crash fix
  • Added the golf cart to driving hud it uses the default texture


  • Fixed enemy health circle with previous update


  • Last attempt at fixing turret crash


  • Should fix enemy health bar/circle crash
  • Added new loot to HUDList
  • Updated localization
  • Added new enemy to health bar/HUDList
  • Attempt to fix a profile menu crash
  • Fixed down counter not displaying when using CustomHUD
  • Fixed health panel not working correctly when using CustomHUD
  • Added French translation by Tripticon84


  • Fixed Fast.Net showing all gamemodes
  • Added infamy 4 support to TabStats
  • Fixed an issue when the vanilla downcounter would still show when disabled
  • Added Leech support to CustomHUD
  • Fixed crashes when using player turret and enemy health options in the latest heist
  • Fixed HUDList buff moving when using CustomHUD


  • Fixed a crash when TabStats is disabled
  • Fixed a potential crash when changing CrimeNet filters
  • Fixed a typo in the Fast.Net menu description
  • Switched to using Crime.NET filters for Fast.NET (Filters should now be remembered)
  • Fixed a font issue with Fast.NET server stats
  • Potential fix for a down counter crash


  • Fixed Burstfire


  • Added the missing weapons for the Real Weapon Names


  • Fixed missing localization for the armor break debuff


  • Added an option to hide the armor break invulnerability cooldown
  • Added an option to disable the bag value from lootbags
  • Added sanity checks that may fix a downcounter crash
  • Added unavailable loot in Mountain Master to HUDList
  • Made it so the Better Assault Indicator mod no longer moves the HUDList
  • Added an option to hide the casing panel


  • Actually updated Portuguese localization


  • Removed the headshot confirm mod
  • Updated Portuguese localization
  • Increased maximum right HUDList offset to 250 to not clip with WarFrame HUD


  • Fixed Custom Chat not working
  • Added an option to add a background on HUDList boxes


  • Fixed a crash with the down counter


  • Added Leech Perk Deck to HUDList
  • Re enabled player Flashlight options
  • Fixed Custom Chat opening in BeardLib editor mode
  • Added ability to change the X position of Custom Chat
  • Added the ability to enable the new downcounter for players and team
  • Added German localization by cyberphobie
  • Updated other localizations
  • Added support for multilasers gadget
  • Fixed auto laser not turning on without switching weapons
  • Added triad boss to the enemy healthbar
  • Added green color to show max ammo to Vanilla Extras
  • Fixed scaling not applying on some panels for Vanilla Extras
  • Down counter for CustomHUD now syncs downs
  • Added new tracking to HUDList


  • Hotfixed crashing when taking damage from the boss in the latest heist


  • Fixed calling an old function in CustomHUD


  • Fixed calling an old function in VanillaHUD.lua


  • Updated the downs counter to sync with other players
  • The new downs counter is now hidden when using Vanilla extras or CustomHUD HUD types
  • Re enabled flashlight options
  • Re enabled the condition icons when using Vanilla extras
  • Updated Japanese localization


  • Fixed crash from old typo from WolfHUD


  • If you have more than 30 profiles the menu will display correctly
  • May fix a crash with Enemy Health Circle


  • Temp client feedback crash fix


  • Fixed advanced profile menu not displaying properly


  • Fixed profile preview stretching over too many profiles by almog155
  • Fixed a crash when using Holo UI's crimenet option
  • Added an option to disable create empty lobby
  • Changed the localization for the confirm prompt option


  • Removed inverted flashbang mod


  • Added custom waypoint scale
  • Converted the job heat options to show the percentage instead
  • Now displays armor regen perk timer
  • Updated Portuguese localization


  • Fixed a crash with stamina circle
  • Fixed kill and downs counter options not showing if CustomHUD is enabled
  • Fixed AI Color not showing if Vanilla Extras is enabled
  • Fixed team Damage Popup always showing as blue
  • Fixed some options not showing


  • Disabled Rich Presence when you have Rich Presence Ultimate installed
  • Fixed real ammo option not working with CustomHUD
  • Hide left list progress bar when pd2 style boxes is enabled


  • Fixed settings not changing if you have a existing WolfHUD or VanillaHUD Plus save file
  • Fixed real ammo option not with vanilla extras (CustomHUD fix will come later)


  • Added WolfHUD's CustomHUD and Enhanced Objectives adjusted for the HUD (Off by default)
  • Added back WolfHUD's damage popups
  • Fixed Fast.NET log error
  • Added an option to make the HUDList boxes the style of Payday 2
  • Added option to disable the transparency (blend mode) of WolfHUD's CustomHUD
  • May fix a tabstats crash when terminating a contract
  • Updated real weaqpon names
  • Split the inventory tweaks menu into two submenus to make it more organized
  • Improved the menus options of features like damage popups
  • Added some that could fix somes things getting stuck
  • Most of your settings from WolfHUD will now be imported and merged into a new saves file
  • Added back Rich Presence and made it support all current and future heists including custom heists
  • If you have used WolfHUD and never VanillaHUD Plus you will have the WolfHUD version of some features like damage popup, healthbar instead


  • Fixed double jokers kills again


  • Fixed team_buffs crashes
  • Fixed HUDList crash
  • Fixed Colorized CrimeNet not working
  • Fixed subtitles moving when adjusting the buffs list


  • Disabled broken flashlight color changer
  • Fixed masking up missing texture with HUDList enabled
  • Fixed incompatibility with Health and Armor As Numbers standalone


  • Disabled the health and armor as numbers option (Use Health and Armor As Numbers Standalone instead)


  • Fixed Sicario's Twitch dodge stuck at 20% by Sprite
  • Fixed Driving HUD not showing vehicle image and name
  • Fixed jokers kill counter showing double kills


  • Attempt 2 at fixing tagged team player not receiving gained health
  • May fix Sicario's Twitch dodge stuck at 20%


  • Disabled tag team HUDList tracker, will fix in a future update


  • Fixed Create Empty Lobby menu position
  • Attempt at fixing tagged team player not receiving gained health


  • Added burst fire support for WolfHUD's CustomHUD Standalone
  • Applied pull request from slowthgt which fixes issues with the timers getting stuck on Dragon Heist


  • Removed Void UI's joining dialog detection code


  • Should fix crash when Void UI is not installed


  • Updated Portuguese localization
  • Updated Japanese localization
  • No longer shows skulls in Holdout mode, instead it displays the wave number
  • Disabled VanillaHUD Plus's joining dialog, when Void UI's is active
  • Attempt at fixing double damage popup numbers
  • Disabled Jokers using peer color contour by default
  • Fixed TabStats displaying double damage


  • Fixed Chinese localization not showing
  • Updated Spanish localization


  • Added Spanish translation by cristianux


  • Renamed a file to fix crash on Linux (The mod should now work fully on Linux)


  • Fixed sensitivity sliders steps been too high
  • Fixed missing blue tick texture for pacified civs


  • Improved Linux compatibility
  • Fixed missing textures when not using BeardLib
  • Throwables now detect headshots when damage popups is enabled
  • Fixed a damage popup crash when using the Fading Contours mod


  • Fixed damage popups crashing on a kill with a throwable


  • Fixed damage popups not working with throwables


  • Fixed a bug with the last update


  • Improved Linux compatibility
  • Removed sensitivity menu options overrides
  • Added options to hide the health bar and kill counter in HUDList
  • Updated Portuguese localization


  • Fixed Fast.Net localization saying hide instead of show
  • Fixed real ammo not working


  • Fixed the kill and damage counters not working
  • Damage Popups now show the correct amount of damage


  • Added sanity checks to hopefully the damage popup crash


  • Hopefully fixed a damage popup crash


  • Fixed TabStats crash
  • Fixed issues relating to Update 205
  • Improved kill and damage counters compatibility with Restoration Mod, Hyper Heisting and CrackDown
  • Changed Real Ammo to only affect the main player not teammates


  • Enabled Portuguese translation
  • Fixed missing Japanese string on other localization's
  • Fixed MUI vehicle label crash
  • Fixed endscreen crash when TabStats was disabled
  • Added an option to hide Fast.Net from the main menu
  • Added an option to disable [key] to interact text
  • Fixed a crash with ultra widescreen mod


  • Fixed an issue with the previous update


  • Fixed kill counter reporting double kills
  • Improved kill counter compatibility with overhauls
  • Fixed TabStats reporting double the damage


  • Should fix issues with Burst Fire


  • Added missing items and loot to HUDList
  • Added Portuguese localization by gabsF


  • Another attempt at fixing the stamina crash (If you still crash listing your other mods will help as it's likely a mod conflict)
  • Fixed melee interaction getting stuck (The timer may still get stuck with certain HUD's)


  • Fixed Tweakdata error and localization error


  • Updated real weapons names
  • Added triads to HUDList and enemy healthbar
  • Removed broken WolfHUD damage popups (Use the standalone )


  • Hopefully fixed stamina nil method crash


  • Added an option to disable custom inventory names
  • Player with the most damage will now show when tabstats are disabled


  • Should fix the right or left hudlist resetting on restarts


  • Fixed a crash with Sora HUD
  • Added back the icon to the assault and casing panel when using the center assault option


  • Replaced the potential xp with the potential levels gained in the tab menu


  • Added missing localization for Fast.Net


  • Fixed buff list offsets problems
  • Added Fast.Net Standalone Continued (Beardlib not needed)
  • Buff list no longer overlaps the subtitles
  • Updated Japanese localization


  • Fixed some perk deck abilities from showing


  • Lowered minimum HUDList offsets to 0
  • Fixed HUDList offsets resetting visually after restarting a heist
  • Added health and armor as numbers
  • Added potential XP circle to TabStats
  • Added hide health and armor circles (Requires health and armor as numbers to be enabled)
  • Updated real names weapons
  • Increased the Tabstats skills loadout text


  • Halved the minimum offsets for HUDList


  • Added Japanese to the mod language selector


  • Added missing strings to other languages
  • Added sanity checks that may fixed a crash


  • Added Japanese translation by inestraf


  • Fixed Burst Fire compatibility with PDTH HUD U200 p4


The updated instructions are 200 for Restoration Mod/HUD and 132 for PDTH HUD

  • Removed PDTH HUD detection for custom chat (You can now set it in the options menu)


  • Fixed a crash when not using PDTH HUD


  • Fixed the position of the chat box when using PDTH HUD
  • Added Chinese localization by 啊这
  • Updated real weapon names


  • Updated HUDList function to prevent crash
  • Added new security guard from the latest heist


  • Removed the ! from killed enemies
  • Fixed HUDList crash


  • Fixed unseen strike buff by M4RC3LUS


  • Should fix a crash caused by the previous update


  • Hopefully fixed a custody crash


  • Re added Russian localization (Needs someone to translate the remaining strings)


  • Fixed reload and melee interaction getting stuck on screen


  • Custom Tab Names increased support up to 60 pages


  • Renamed confirm dialogs option


  • Attempt at fixing Tag Team healing bug
  • Actually added Buy All Assets dialog to no confirm option


  • Improved compatibility with game overhauls mods like Restoration Mod, Crackdown (Kill Counter, Enemy Health, Damage Popups now work with the mentioned mods)
  • Fixed lust for life perk buff not working


  • Added a option to disable the ghost symbol on silent weapons
  • Added a option for changing the scale of WolfHUD damage popups and increased the scale
  • Added Buy All Assets dialog to no confirm option
  • Updated and re-enabled unseen strike buff
  • Reset damage popup options


  • Fixed a crash with own minions option


  • IreNFist Breaching Rounds are no longer hidden
  • Added localization for the replace Jokers option


  • Attempt at fixing own minions option not working
  • Fixed Underdog Aced glow not working


  • The enemy health circle now works on Linux
  • Added a option to prevent a crash on Linux


  • Fixed version error


  • Fixed missing textures path
  • Added Beardlib assets loading for Linux users (comment out assets.xml in supermod.xml)


  • Switched assets to SuperBLT loading which should increase Linux compatibility


  • Maybe fixed a damage popup crash
  • Re added WolfHUD damage popups (Also they may show when using Restoration Mod )
  • Fixed interaction timer scale begin hidden when Custom HUD Support is enabled


  • Fixed HudList offsets resetting


  • Fixed sfx volume step been too high


  • Fixed crash when using the colorized crimenet option


  • Removed Buy All Assets as it's part of the base game now
  • Fixed PrePlanning crash


  • Disabled old damage popups


  • Actually fixed fixespreventer crash
  • Attempt at fixing access violation crash 1


  • Fixed crash with old damage popups
  • Fixed thefixespreventer crash


  • Fixed issues with the pager and converted enemy in the tab screen
  • Fixed holdout showing contract heat
  • Added option to disable replace jokers
  • Added No Red Lasers by Offyerrocker
  • Fixed the mission end stats screen been skipped instantly when using The Fixes mod
  • Added option to disable auto confirm dialogs
  • Added option to disable saving lobby settings
  • Replaced the damage popups with the HoxHUD version
  • Added option to disable shooting through bots/jokers
  • Disabled other languages as they are to out of date and slow adding new features down
  • Added auto updates


  • Removed the Right Click In Inventory Mod
  • Fixed inventory crash
  • Added pager and converted enemy to the tab screen
  • Removed tab screen crash fix


  • Fixed crash with interaction at end stage screen
  • Added options to turn off joker names and hp
  • Increased the maximum chat scale
  • Disabled Rich Presense module it's probably not needed anymore
  • Added fixes from WolfHUD
  • Reduced the size of the danage popups alt option
  • Added duration for damage popups alt option
  • Added damage and kill color options for Enemy Health Circle
  • Added rainbow color to damage popups alt option
  • Rearranged damage popups options order
  • Reworked Enemy Health Circle now has damage feedback animation (based on HoxHUD V6)
  • Enemy Health Circle now shortens health display when above 1,000,000 to 1M
  • Enemy Health Circle text now scales based on health values
  • Enabled the customize HUDList Buff Height Offset setting for other HUDs, while still supporting MUI and NobleHUD without adjusting the settings
  • Added music shuffle from PocoHud
  • Made underdog aced animation is now compatible with other mods
  • Credit Bunnie( 2) for the following improvements and fixes
  • Fixed custody scale and added scale to waypoints
  • Fixed a skill name with the wrong title in HUDList
  • Added more joker waypoint options
  • Added Anti intimidated outlines by BangL
  • Added Right Click In Inventory by Undeadsewer
  • Added Swan Song Effect by Simon and Kingpin Injector by CVIII
  • Added an updated version of BurstFire by Seven to be compatible with more weapon stats mod
  • Kills by AI and peers is now the same color as the bodyshot color when using the damage popups alt options
  • Civilian popups can now be turned off when using the damage popups alt option
  • Changed the default damage popups alt colors
  • The damage popups alt damage numbers now fit in the glow animation
  • Added an updated version of Driving HUD by Kamikaze94
  • Damage Popups alt version will now only show damage above 1
  • Enemy Health Circle now shortens health display when above 1,000 to 1k
  • Added bodyshot flashing kill color option
  • Disabled some broken HUDList buffs
  • Added brothers grimm lag fix
  • Fixed HUDList Buff List Offset moving subtitles when changing values
  • Added option to enable original hostage box when using HUDList right list
  • Added an option to disable the custom wave counter
  • Replaced the glow texture for the underdog aced animation


  • Actually included stale lobby fix
  • Added NobleHUD support
  • Credit Bunnie( 2) for the following improvements and fixes
  • Fixed enemy health circle and enemy health conflicts
  • Fixed tab stats total hours getting cutoff
  • Added Improved stealth icons by Frosthaven (Off by default)
  • Fixed crash with Fading Contour mod
  • Fixed enemy health displaying when in custody
  • Added compatibility with Lobby Settings mod
  • Added Drill Interact Option by Eightan
  • Added compatibility with Restoration Mod HUDChat
  • Included the latest changes from WolfHUD
  • Clients can now see swat turrets health circle/bar
  • Added a modified version of Hud Scaling by Luffy


  • Changed mod priority
  • Change some default settings
  • Added Stale Lobby Fix by Snh20
  • Added contract heat icons by FrostHaven
  • Added poco crimenet
  • Cleanup the general hud menu and added a new submenu
  • Added some improvements to poco crimenet standalone by BangL
  • Added option to disable waypoint color by FrostHaven
  • Don't aggregate guards until mission goes loud by FrostHaven
  • When using the enemy health circle the hp by 100 instead of 10
  • You can switch between enemy health bar and circle without restarting
  • Credit Bunnie( 2) for the following improvements and fixes
  • Hides some sub options when main option is disabled
  • Disabled subtitle position when buffs aren't active
  • Added mouse support for custom chat
  • Fixed missing buff icon
  • Ai names will no longer cut off when teammate killcounters are enabled
  • Improved underdog aced effect
  • Re-added bullets pass through Ai
  • Fixed own jokers crash
  • Hide detected text when show suspicion percentage is active option
  • Added replace joker mod made by Seven
  • Added jokers have owners outline option by Seven
  • Added option to disable mask on text
  • Enabled chat in singleplayer
  • Improved assault time left timer
  • You can now resize subtitles
  • Added create empty lobby by Snh20
  • Added Driver's Neck Brace Removed (Vehicle View 360) by EdisLeado
  • Player talk icon for lobby
  • Always move total points spent
  • Added Inspire hint cooldown timer by Eightan
  • Fixed job heat color
  • Added ability to paste text into chat
  • Added options to show contract heat and redunction heat in contract broker
  • Added Steam Profile Redirection by Sora
  • Added total playtime in tab screen and preplanning
  • Fixed version number display


  • Credit Bunnie( 2) for the following improvements and fixes
  • Fixed own minions not working
  • Fixed for the ai stop icon and team colors not working with truncate name option
  • Improved disable heist time in chat
  • Added an option to disable time left in the joining dialog
  • Added options to disable more special pickups in HUDList
  • Added an option to hide ping text
  • Added HUDList options for player actions
  • Re enabled save lobby permission
  • Fixed inspire and armor timer text getting stuck
  • Made armor/anarchist perk deck buff just show cooldown
  • New optional setting for an alt icon for pacified civillians
  • Disabled background icon when the downcounter isnt being used
  • Made enemy helath circle and enemy healthbar being active at the same time
  • Fixed weapon_charge icon not showing
  • Other fixes
  • Fixed remove pager contour not working when HUDList is disabled
  • Added option to disable heist time in chat
  • Fixed crash when bulletstorm indicator is active and in custody
  • Moved inspire timer not to overlap with the health/armor circle
  • Improved bulletstorm indicator by Eightaan
  • Added headshot confirm circle by Schmuddel
  • Inverted Flashbang Glare no longer hides the HUD


  • Tweaked the flashbang code
  • Added option for inverted flashbang glare
  • Actually fixed preplanning folder crash
  • Changes from WolfHUD:
  • Updated Hide DLC Ad
  • Updated Rich Presence to support new heists
  • Updated HUDList to support new enemy and loot
  • Fixed bag pickup interaction text
  • Hide armor loot on mex_cooking


  • Fixed a crash when the inverted flashbang option is set to false


  • Added inverted flashbang glare by Snh20 modified by me
  • Fixed Preplanning folder crash
  • Fixed Preplanning controller crash
  • Fixed rich presence crash
  • Added back show ping for VanillaHUD by Frosthaven

v1.1 Fixed crash when inspire movement boost is active