Releasing a new version of the library - staglibrary/stagpy GitHub Wiki

The process for releasing a new version of the library is as follows.

  1. Create a new branch named release-X.Y.Z
  2. Update the VERSION string in
  3. Update the 'PROJECT_NUMBER' in docs/Doxyfile
  4. Update the 'VERSION' definition in stag/stag_internal.i
  5. Update the changelog with the release date
  6. Commit the changes and push the branch to GitHub
  7. Merge the release branch into the main one
  8. In GitHub, on the main page click 'create new release' and fill in the details:
  • create a new tag named vX.Y.Z
  • release name Version X.Y.Z
  • Copy the changelog section corresponding to this release.
  • Add a link to the documentation for the release. See previous releases for the format.
  1. Creating the new release will trigger a GitHub action which builds and uploads the package to PyPI. Make sure this completes successfully (will take around 30mins).
  2. Create a new branch named docs-X.Y.Z from the main branch. The will trigger the docs to be updated on the STAG website.
  3. On the stag library website github repo, update the docs/python/index.html and docs/python/version.txt files to reference the latest version.
  4. If this release required any tweaking to the STAG C++ code, make sure that any changes are made and checked-in to the main branch of STAG C++.

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