Extension Settings - splunk/vscode-extension-splunk Wiki

This extension introduces the following settings in Visual Studio Code:

Spec File Settings

  • File Path (optional) - path to custom Splunk Enterprise .spec files.
    • The extension reads Splunk Enterprise .spec files to provide IntelliSense code-completion and Linting.
    • Copies of Splunk Enterprise 7.3, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, and 9.0 .spec files are shipped with the extension.
  • File Version - this setting is ignored if a .spec File Path is provided.
  • Trim Equal Sign Whitespace - when auto-completing settings, trim whitespace around the '=' sign. For example, key = value will become key=value.

Command Settings

  • Splunk Enterprise REST URL - communicates with the Splunk Enterprise REST API.
  • Token - Splunk Enterprise token for authentication. For more information, see Use authentication tokens in the Securing Splunk Enterprise manual of the Splunk Enterprise documentation.
  • Enable Certificate Verification - toggles certificate verification when communicating to the Splunk Enterprise REST API.

View Settings

  • Enable Splunk Enterprise Explorer - toggles the visibility of the Splunk Enterprise Explorer view container in the activity bar.


  • Splunk Enterprise Search Head URL - the URL of the Splunk Enterprise Search Head or Search Head Cluster. This URL displays embedded reports in Visual Studio Code.
  • View Refresh Interval - the interval for refreshing embedded report views, in seconds.


  • Search Output Mode - controls how Splunk Enterprise search results are rendered in the Output panel.