Telcon: 2024 02 14 - spack/spack GitHub Wiki

Wednesday February 14th, 9am PT (UTC -8:00)


  • Peter Scheibel (host)
  • Prentice Bisbal
  • Dom Heinzeller
  • Jason Nucciarone
  • Massimiliano Culpo
  • Todd Gamblin


There are no pre-planned agenda items: this meeting is just for Q&A

  • Prentice: how to see variants on two different specs
    • spack find --variants
    • In the same way you get more details from spack spec, you can also do it with spack find
  • Prentice: issue with environment matrix "mixing" compilers
    • specify combination of mpi/compiler, rebuild for each combo
    • some things built with gcc link against another compiler
    • Peter: this can definitely happen in some reuse cases
    • One strategy: one environment per combination
      • There's ways to avoid duplication across envs
      • You could also make a "load-everything" module (so you don't have users use spack load)
  • Jason: snap for Spack
  • Dom: compiler matrix and mixing compilers within DAGs for concretization
    • Massimiliano: will contact you about upcoming feature to control this more (i.e. a way to enforce unification on a per-compiler/mpi combo)