Lab 4‐3 Simple 2‐Network simulation - souderton89/Net-150 GitHub Wiki

simulation mode show how a packet are transported. it shows everything in detail from the source mac to the destination mac address.

to save the router config: . Go back to Real-Time mode (clock)

  1. From Router: Config Tab: Save NVRAM

  2. From Router: Got to "Physical Tab" and use power button to turn off router.

  3. Power back on by clicking the button again

  4. Use Fast Forward button to get links back

  5. Check router to make sure Interface IP's are still there.

I learned how to work with CLI. CLI need to be type in the commend prompt

Router Interfaces are OFF by default. Be sure to click the ON box in the upper right hand corner (in the CLI this is typing no shutdown)

Traffic Analysis in Packet Tracer

  1. Go into "Simulation Mode" in Packet Tracer (stopwatch on lower right)

  2. From Laptop - open up "Web Browser" on Laptop Desktop

  3. Enter the IP address of server and hit "go"

  4. Use Capture/Forward to send to packets hop-by-hop

  5. Continue until you see HTTP Packets in the Simulation Panel

  6. Review Packet Details of a HTTP Packet in the Simulation Panel