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 Set up new conda

# Not sure what directory makes sense for you for a test environment Malgosia?
# Export directory on a linux box?
# In my example I'll use export on my machine, this is a bash example

export ska_dir=/fido.real/kadi/arc3_test


bash -b -p $ska_dir

export PATH=${ska_dir}/bin:$PATH

# Install ska3 environment in test area.
# Note that since arc is not a ska3-flight package just now, one could use ska3-flight instead of ska3-flight-latest,
# but it might be better test practice to use latest.
conda install --override-channels -c \
  ska3-flight-latest ska3-core-latest ska3-perl-latest

cd $ska_dir
mkdir -p data/arc3
mkdir -p www/ASPECT/arc3
# Copy the data over from the flight replan central to seed the testing
for file in ACE.h5 GOES_X.h5 hrc_shield.h5 ACE_hourly_avg.npy;
do rsync -a /proj/sot/ska/data/arc3/$file data/arc3/;

# Link kadi data
ln -s /proj/sot/ska/data/kadi data/kadi

# Source into the new SKA
source ${ska_dir}/bin/

# Install arc
cd ~/git/arc
# Checkout a version for testing such as perl_netrc or master
git checkout perl_netrc
# review paths with make -n
make -n install
# Install to $SKA which should be ${ska_dir} in this example
make install

# The running user will also need a .netrc file with credentials for occweb

# From that point, the scripts referenced in task_schedule.cfg should be runnable
# from $SKA/share/arc3 and the output for www should be visible in $SKA/www/ASPECT/arc3.
# If testing will require "live" testing to a webserver, that can be accomplished with
# symbolic links.