06 Mod Compatibility - sogladev/mod-vanilla-naxxramas GitHub Wiki

Needs investigation

check if no custom IDs are used to overwrite any existing modules

Custom IDs used

  • *.sql list custom IDs used at the top of the file
  • creature_template 352042, 361000, [351000,351092]
  • creature [361000,362059]
  • gameobject [5330300,5330508], 181056, 193166
  • spell_dbc [90001,90007]
  • gameobject_template 361000, 361001, 193166


as of writing only supports zone wide Naxxramas scaling. This means for 10man, 25man and 10man HC (Naxx lvl60)




same as above, afaik only supports zone wide scaling. However, mobs in 10m/25m will be scaled from lvl 80. 10man HC will be scaled from lvl 60.

Spells have been individually scaled from lvl 80 to 60. Mobs' physical damage is based on level

Mod-autobalancer should give more expected results.