03 How to Install - sogladev/mod-vanilla-naxxramas GitHub Wiki

This is an AzerothCore module. The same steps described in the Azerothcore wiki: Installing a Module will work for this

  1. Clone the repository

    clone into /modules so that /modules/mod-vanilla-naxxramas

  2. Settings

    a. copy /modules/mod-vanilla-naxxramas/conf/vanilla_naxxramas.conf.dist to /conf/modules/vanilla_naxxramas.conf.dist

    b. copy /conf/modules/vanilla_naxxramas.conf.dist to /conf/modules/vanilla_naxxramas.conf and configure settings in .conf file. Default settings should OK

  3. Recompile

    a. Reconfigure and regenerate CMake

    b. Rebuild the core

  4. Apply optional files

    See mod-vanilla-naxxramas/optional for optional files.

    These may contain .sql that need to be run manually or client-side .mpq patches

  5. Launch

    upon launching the worldserver, the updater will apply database changes.

⚠️ Database changes contain custom IDs that may overlap with other modules, see detailed list in "Mod Compatibility" to avoid conflicts

AzerothCore compatibility

Does this work with latest azerothcore?

This module is built daily with the latest version of azerothcore. In case of breakage (❌). Head over to actions and you can see which commit this was last built successfully with.

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