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SIMDe has proven to be rather good at finding compiler bugs.

It is generally possible for us to work around these issues, usually by using the preprocessor to choose a different code path. When we find bugs in the current versions of compilers we try to report them so they can be fixed; the GCC and Emscripten developers in particular have been very responsive and helpful.

Bugs We Can't Work Around

Unfortunately, sometimes working around a bug simply isn't feasible. What follows is a list of bugs we can't currently work around.




Bugs Discovered By SIMDe

As mentioned in the introduction, we seem to find a fair number of compiler bugs. What follows is an incomplete list of some of the issues we've found in compilers which have been fixed, and/or for which there is a work-around in SIMDe.

Compiler Bug Present In Fixed In Type Description
GCC 95227 Spurious warning vec_extract doesn't mark input as used in C++ mode
GCC 95239 Spurious warning Unable to ignore -Wattribute-warning in macro
GCC 95421 API missing / incorrect [AArch64] Missing NEON functions documented on ARM's web site
GCC 95471 API missing / incorrect [ARMv8] vrndvq_f32 defined even when not supported by ARMv8
GCC 95782 ICE [ppc64le] ICE in _cpp_pop_context
GCC 97016 API missing / incorrect _MM_CMPINT_ENUM type is missing
GCC 95483 11 API missing / incorrect [i386] Missing SIMD functions.
GCC 95399 API missing / incorrect [ARM] 32/64-bit vcvtnq_* functions are missing
GCC 96313 8.5 API missing / incorrect [AArch64] vqmovun* return types should be unsigned.
GCC 94482 8 / 9 8.5/9.4/10 Incorrect optimization [8/9 Regression] Inserting into vector with optimization enabled on x86 generates incorrect result.
GCC 93557 9.3/10.1 Spurious warning __builtin_convertvector doesn't mark input as used.
GCC 94385 9.4/10.1 ICE [10 Regression] Internal compiler error for __builtin_convertvector + statement expr. Latent bug in GCC 9.
GCC 94488 8.5/9.4/10.1 ICE [AArch64] ICE on right shift of V2DImode by DImode shift.
GCC 96174 9.4/10.2 API missing / incorrect AVX-512 functions missing when compiled without optimization.
GCC 98428 ICE ICE with omp simd loop + optimization
GCC 98521 10.2.1 10.3 API missing / incorrect [x86] _mm256_cmov_si256 XOP function is missing.
GCC 97248 ICE [mips] unrecognizable insn when left shifting uint64 vector by scalar with MSA
GCC 99754 12 API missing / incorrect [sse2] new _mm_loadu_si16 and _mm_loadu_si32 implemented incorrectly
GCC 100760 10.2 ICE [mips + msa] ICE: maximum number of generated reload insns per insn achieved
GCC 100761 10.2 ICE [mips+msa] ICE when using __builtin_convertvector to convert from u8x8 to u8x16
GCC 100762 10.2 ICE [mips+msa] ICE when comparing 64 bit vectors
GCC 100927 10.2 Incorrect optimization [sse2] floating point to integer conversion functions incorrect results w/ NaN constants + optimization
GCC 101714 Implementation incorrect [POWER] vec_min / vec_max handles NaN incorrectly when evaluated at compile time
Clang 45541 Incorrect optimization [AArch64] Incorrect result for vector conversion with -O2
Clang 45931 API missing / incorrect Many AVX-512 functions take an int instead of unsigned int. Fixed in clang 11.0.
Clang 45959 Spurious warning SIMD & reduction on signed types emits sign-conversion diagnostic
Clang 46770 API missing / incorrect [ppc] vec_sel variants missing
Clang 46844 12 (AArch64-only) Incorrect optimization [AArch64] incorrect results from vcvt* functions with negative inputs when optimization is enabled.
Clang 46840 12 API missing / incorrect [AArch64] vqmovun* return types should be unsigned.
Clang 32827 API missing / incorrect _mm_set_pd1 missing from emmintrin.h
Clang 44589 Spurious warning _mm_extract_pi16 and _mm_insert_pi16 warn with -Wvector-conversion. Fixed in clang 11.0
Clang 48257 Spurious warning vget_lane_p64 triggers -Wvector-conversion diagnostic
Clang 48673 API missing / incorrect [x86] _mm_frcz_ss and _mm_frcz_sd should take two parameters
Clang 48718 API missing / incorrect NEON scalar comparison functions should return unsigned values
Clang 49716 7+ ICE clang segfault at -O2 in C mode
Clang 50893 11.0 ICE Compiler error when converting from vector of 2x32 to 2x64-bit int on POWER7
Clang 50901 11.0 ICE [power7] error in backend: Cannot select v16i8 = PPCISD::SCALAR_TO_VECTOR_PERMUTED
Clang 50905 11.0 Perf slow code for absolute value of int8 x 16 vector on POWER9 at -O3
Clang 50932 API missing / incorrect [POWER] vec_bperm missing documented signatures
Clang 51992 14-dev 14-dev ICE Regression [VectorCombine] ScalarizationResult destructor assertion due to SafeWithFreeze and scalarizeLoadExtract
Emscripten 10425 ICE LLVM assertion failure when casting a SIMD type with -O3
Emscripten 11315 ICE Crash in WebAssembly Register Stackify with tot
Emscripten 11176 ICE "Not a vector MVT!" clang error with -s SIMD=1 on tot
Emscripten 10563 ICE emcc crashes with SIMD without optimization
Emscripten 10651 API missing / incorrect emscripten errors in wasm_simd128.h
Emscripten 14629 ICE UNREACHABLE executed at …/binaryen/src/wasm-interpreter.h:503!
ICC ??? Incorrect optimization ICC generates incorrect code for signed absolute difference
ICC ??? False advertisement of feature __builtin_expect_with_probability unsupported but __has_builtin claims otherwise
ICC ??? False advertisement of feature fallthrough attribute unsupported, contrary to icc's claims
ICC ??? ICE Internal error: 04010002_1671
NVC 30104 21.3 ICE ICE from % operator on vector extensions
NVC 30107 21.3 ICE Using _mm_cvtpd_epi32 results in compiler error
NVC 30106 21.3 API missing/incorrect Undefined reference to `__builtin_ia32_palignr256’ when calling _mm256_alignr_epi8

Note: some of the version number information may be incorrect or missing. Sorry, it's a recent addition to the table.