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Coh-Metrix Model 2

General Description

Coh-Metrix Model 2 is a simplified version of Model 1. Model 2 is recommended for current use.

Coh-Metrix Model 2 is an ensemble (formed by averaging predicted quality scores) of the following three sub-models:

Full details of each sub-model are available in the links above.

All of these models used Coh-Metrix scores on 7 min narrative writing samples ("I once had a magic pencil and ...") from students in the fall, winter, and spring of Grades 2-5 (Mercer et al., 2019) to predict holistic writing quality on the samples (elo ratings calculated from paired comparisons).

More details on the sample are available in Mercer et al. (2019).

Mercer, S. H., Keller-Margulis, M. A., Faith, E. L., Reid, E. K., & Ochs, S. (2019). The potential for automated text evaluation to improve the technical adequacy of written expression curriculum-based measurement. Learning Disability Quarterly, 42, 117-128.