Trading Program - shhtse/Python Wiki

Stage1: Web scraping

Extract real time stock data of all US stock from

Deadline: 31 July

Step1. Extract web data

Deadline: Done (shhtse, kcwu229)

You will need to learn:

a) Requests library: Get, Post

Suggested learning resource:

1.Rakesh Vidya Chandra Python Requests Essentials CH 1,2,6

The book has been uploaded to TG group by Sam on 2June 1353

2.Python Requests Tutorial: Request Web Pages, Download Images, POST Data, Read JSON, and More

Step2. Sort out Web data

Deadline: 28 July

You will need to learn:

a) Beautiful Soup

Suggested learning resource:

b) Selenium

Suggested learning resource:


Suggested learning resource:

Step3. Export to different format

Duration: 2 weeks

Deadline: 31 July

You will need to learn:


Suggested learning resource:

Python 初級 - 數據科學:3小時 pandas 入門教程 - 第2版|數據分析|Data Science|教學|廣東話

Python 初級 - 數據科學:pandas 時間 + 圖表教程|股票|數據分析|Data Science|教學|廣東話

Python 初級 - 數據科學:pandas 類別 + 樣式|Categorical, Style|數據分析|Data Science|教學|廣東話

Stage2: Data management

Deadline: 6 August

1.SQL Tutorial - Full Database Course for Beginners

2.R Programming Tutorial - Learn the Basics of Statistical Computing

Stage3: Data analysis

Write a trading strategy base on momentum trading

Deadline: 16 August

Data Analysis with Python Course - Numpy, Pandas, Data Visualization

Stage4: Build up the trading program

Write and implement the programme to thinkorswim, a paper trade programme by TD ameritrade

Deadline: 3 October

Algorithmic Trading Using Python - Full Course