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All work was done on ESP32-WROOM with custom made dual module RA-01/SX1278, E22-400M30S/SX1268 LoRa board.

Arduino Board is "ESP32 Dev Module".

Prototype development board schematics is available at

There are ESP32 boards with different socket widths: 22mm and 25mm, board files for 25mm have _wide suffix in file names.

Board Device

Supported LoRa and other module types

If using RadioLib then supported modules - modules, which are supported by RadioLib:

  • SX1278 is a default module, for other SX127x modules need to update config.h, replace MODULE_NAME with your module name according to RadioLib naming
  • SX1268 is used when USE_SX126X is enabled in config.h, for other SX126x modules need to set corresponding MODULE_NAME in config.h
  • other RadioLib module types - check RadioLib documentation, modify config.h and code accordingly, open Issue if help is needed, most likely it will not compile out of the box and some changes are needed.

If your ESP32 board is compatible or has build in LoRa module then it should work without redefining pinouts, for custom shields there might be need to redefine pinouts to LoRa module if it differs (see further description in Software Setup section), currently pinouts are connected from LoRa to ESP32-WROOM as (SS/RST/DIO0 could be redefined in config.h):

Default Pinouts

alt text

  • Common SPI:
  • Board specific:
    • SS/CS/NSS: GPIO_5
    • RST/RESET: GPIO_26
    • DIO0/IRQ: GPIO_14

SX127x Based Boards

alt text

Supported (built-in screen is not used), just select board in Arduino IDE->Tools->Board, no need to redefine pinouts:

  • T-Beam LoRa
  • LoPy, LoPy4
  • TTGO LoRa32 v1

Pinout definition changes

Require LoRa module pinout definitions in config.h:

  • Heltec WiFi LoRa 32 (v2), redefine pinouts as
    #define LORA_RST              14
    #define LORA_IRQ              26

Solder pad configuration for project dev board

  • ESP-WROOM32 38pin

alt text

alt text

Pinout definitions:

#define CFG_LORA_PIN_RST      26
#define CFG_LORA_PIN_A        12 
#define CFG_LORA_PIN_B        14
#define CFG_LORA_PIN_RXEN     32
#define CFG_LORA_PIN_TXEN     33