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Cover L8R

Automate announcements related to changes in the dependencies of each project, especially when changes take place during times of the year when many people go on holiday or vacation. This will also let the rest of the organization plan accordingly to minimize risk in case there are unforseen consequences.



Gathers and analyzes information regarding customer systems and requirements and develops or modifies automated systems to fulfill these needs. Conducts feasibility studies and develops system, time, equipment and cost requirements. Using computer generated techniques, simulates hardware and software problems, tests and evaluates alternative solutions, and recommends and implements appropriate applications design. Develops program logic and processing steps; codes programs in varied languages. Plans and develops test data to validate new or modified programs; designs input and output forms and documents. Troubleshoots software problems as needed, for customers, other agencies and information systems personnel. Writes program documentation, customer procedures and instructions; assists customer departments and staff in implementing new or modified programs and applications; tracks and evaluates project and systems progress. Writes utility programs to support and validate adopted systems and programs. Confers with user department staff regarding assigned functional program areas. Maintains records and prepares periodic and special reports of work performed. Maintains current knowledge of technology and new computer customer applications. Contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of the unit's service to its customers by offering suggestions and directing or participating as an active member of a work team. Uses standard office equipment in the course of the work; may drive a personal or County motor vehicle or be able to provide for appropriate transportation between various work sites, depending upon departments and/or projects assigned.

Project Manager

The Technology Refresh Project Manager will ensure that no hardware or software shall reach technological end-of-life (EOL) and all IT hardware and software technical refreshment (tech refresh) projects must be complete and reach full operational capability (FOC) six (6) months before any hardware or /software reaches its technological EOL. This includes all network infrastructures, blade servers, routers, switches, operating systems, data base software, web software, and application software.

REST API LinkedInAPI, FastAPI and PostgresML AND stack AND software AND engineer AND flask&location=United States

Couch in the terms "flask or fastapi"


Owns the entire Technical Refresh process for hardware devices and software products.
Documents all hardware and software in operation and identify each items manufacturer's stated technological end of life date. The items documented must be consistent with the Asset inventory as reflected in the Asset Management Report.
Gathers technology-specific requirements that drive business justifications.
Owns conversations with technical subject matter experts (SMEs) to gather technical. information on a specific product (hardware and software).
Establishes vendor relationships and gathers information on different technologies through both product documentation and technical conversations.
Documents technology advantages by performing an Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) on the specific technology requirements.
Provides a recommendation based off pre-selected factors like price, capability, scalability, sustainment, knowledge ramp-up, and other criteria used in AoA.
Provides a written plan/schedule for all items to be technically refreshed twelve (12) months in advance of the completion requirement. The plan/schedule at a minimum will include a POA&M, critical path, labor, and dependencies. The plan/schedule must clearly identify all items that must be procured as GFE so the Government can execute any required procurement actions without delay to the technical refreshment.
Assists in providing the information needed to create a Purchase Agreement between ONR and the technology vendor.
Creates, tracks, and monitors the timeline on each identified technology to ensure Technical Refresh efforts are launched 18 months ahead of the end-of-life (EOL) date and completed no later than 6 months before the EOL date.
Tracks and monitors the implementation of each Technical Refresh effort to ensure it is completed no later than 6 months before the end-of-life (EOL) date.  

Required Experience:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
8 years of relevant experience 
Experience leading tech refresh efforts
Experience with Tech Refresh documentation such as Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), Statements of Work (SOW)
Ability to communicate verbally, and in written form at all levels of the program including client leadership.


Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Computer Science or related field or equivalent experience. Other relevant professional certifications welcomed. 5+ years Python experience (v3, asyncio, Poetry) 5+ years SQL experience (e.g., views, functions, aggregations, etc.) 3+ years experience using FastAPI (or Flask) and SQLAlchemy 3+ years experience using design patterns (MVC, Object-oriented programming, etc.) 3+ years experience using test-driven methodologies (e.g., unittest) Strong understanding of data structures and algorithms (search, sort, graph) Comfortable using Linux (Red Hat/CentOS/Amazon Linux) Detail-oriented with focus on clear documentation and proper use of language for logging, error handling, etc. Familiarity with VSCode, Bitbucket, Git, JIRA, AWS SDK Comfortable working with the command line (e.g., bash, Python scripts) Ability to work independently and communicate changes and recommendations Experience integrating APIs (REST, GraphQL) preferred Experience working with large datasets (1TB+) preferred Experience building rapid prototypes using Amazon Web Services preferred Experience with Nginx, MySQL, PostgreSQL preferred Knowledge of eCommerce concepts/experience building Ad Tech platforms preferred Proven track record as a sound communicator who is detail and process-oriented Proven track record of driving your own personal and professional development Early-stage growth company experience advantageous but not essential

Identify and clear bottlenecks and roadblocks to the team’s success Conduct weekly 1:1s with direct reports Performance management - providing positive and constructive feedback Foster Continuous Improvement mindset amongst team Responsible for the successful planning and delivery of projects Review Pull Requests and promote high code quality and testing standards on the team Identify areas of strategic technical debt, do the cost/benefit analysis for resolving this debt and communicate suggested timelines for prioritizing this to the management team Break up large features and long-term initiatives into smaller deliverables Collaborate with VP of Engineering on technical roadmap Continue to contribute to feature development and bug fixes at the level of a Sr. Software Engineer Exhibit high standards when Interviewing and evaluating prospective engineering candidates

Experience architecting and shipping at least one large-scale production application 2+ years experience leading, developing and mentoring engineers Ability to manage multiple back-end projects simultaneously as both a contributor and a manager. Opinionated and able to discuss/argue/articulate technology decisions, patterns and practices. Demonstrated skills architecting, managing, and being persuasive Ability and willingness to learn new technologies as needed Be involved in all phases of a project (design, build, test, deploy, and maintain)

You will partner with business partners, product management and design to help set priorities and plan the roadmap for your team. You will find, hire, and develop great humans that compliment each other as a team. You will facilitate technical design discussions, remove blockers and align stakeholders. You will drive programs in engineering reliability, productivity, process, and quality. You will recruit and retain best-in-class engineering talent to build a diverse high performing team.




  • building payout infrastructure
  • building financial content platform


  • membership database manager

Working remotely, small misunderstandings quickly grow into bigger problems. In distributed development teams managers must pay attention to communication practices

  • influence key decisions on architecture
  • identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks for production systems
  • Ability to identify problems with requirements, identify alternatives, and help your team navigate through these issues

Information Architect

  • Design data architecture for the data warehouse in consultation with business users and data engineers
  • Create data models
  • Define data standards for the organization
  • Define reference architecture, which is a pattern others can follow to create and improve data systems
  • Troubleshoot Cru enterprise data stack, data ecosystem, data quality, and process issues and recommend improvements, optimizations, and solutions as necessary
  • Assist in creating roadmaps for information systems, evaluating information technologies, and filling gaps

Product Taxonomist

  • Strong expertise in information architecture, taxonomy development, and ontology modeling.
  • Proficiency in using taxonomy management tools and software.
  • Experience with data modeling and database management concepts.
  • Solid understanding of data integration techniques and technologies.
  • Familiarity with content management systems (CMS) and their integration with taxonomy systems.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to translate business requirements into technical solutions.
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to explain complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Strong project management skills, including the ability to lead and prioritize tasks in a dynamic environment.
  • Knowledge of industry standards and best practices related to taxonomy, metadata, and data classification.
  • Experience with natural language processing (NLP) and semantic technologies is a plus.


  1. HTML/CSS/JavaScript -> Jamstack/Gatsby/Vercel
  2. AJAX/Promises/RIA -> apollo
  3. Postgres/Oracle/MySQL -> OLTP/SPARQL/SSIS
  4. Data Visualization -> PostGIS/GeoServer/Postgres

Manager of Data Engineering and Analytics

  • Airflow
  • fivetran
  • dbt
  • looker

Integration Engineer

  • terraform
  • bigquery
  • bigqueryml
  • fivetran
  • dbt
  • changedatacapture
  • cloudsql
  • snowflake

Accessibility Specialist

Technical Writer

What we care about: You write clear concise documentation for complex technical content (from scratch and within existing docs). You like to dig into the stuff you're writing about so you understand not just how it works, but why it matters to the people using it; serving as the voice of our users when collaborating with scrum teams. You aren't intimidated by code. You can read basic code samples and discuss them with engineers to make them shine. You enjoy figuring out the best way to get customers the info they need (when and where they need it) and find ways of connecting with the folks who use our content to get their feedback. You have a Bachelor's degree and at least 2 years of experience making challenging, complex ideas, concepts, and tasks understandable and appealing to diverse technical audiences. You've written as part of your job and have samples to show it. You are self sufficient, flexible and open enough to adopt our style and processes, but you aren't afraid to make suggestions that could benefit the team. You like being part of a team, so you share information freely and enjoy communicating with others about what you are doing and why it matters. And you have no problem working with teams that are geographically dispersed. You can juggle multiple projects with good humor, while still being able to prioritize between the must-haves and nice-to-haves. You can wade into a new department, review their existing stuff, listen to their upcoming projects, figure out how your skills can make their lives easier, and explain it to them. Bonus if you have: Experience with IDEs, Web services technologies, APIs, SDKs, and/or object-oriented programming. Working knowledge of application lifecycle management. Experience with source control software, and understand how it's used in the development lifecycle. Working knowledge of Java and JavaScript. Experience with DITA and XML authoring tools such as Oxygen or Arbortext. Strong visualization skills and experience creating images and diagrams of complex systems.


  • it's very difficult to sell significant numbers of anything at more than $500
  • API reference and developer guide writing samples
  • sample code (gists)
  • sample apps (jsfiddle)



Technical Writer

Tech Evangelist

Data Engineer

ASL/Spanish Interpreter





Bullet Points

Lead design and development for concurrent projects Provide technical leadership to on and offshore teams Organize team members to focus on scope, schedule, priority Mentor and Motivate team members Review design frameworks and methodologies

Saxonica was founded in 2004 by Michael Kay, developer of the Saxon product, to bring what until then had been an open-source product to the commercial market. The company was created to ensure continued investment in moving the Saxon technology forwards, and remove the risk associated with using open-source software that has no support infrastructure. Over the years Saxonica has been operating, this strategy has proved successful in providing quality products and services to both the commercial and open source user communities.


  • Accounting (financial services)
  • Photography (Commercial photography)
  • Architecture
  • Entrepreneurship (educational services)
  • Physical Therapy (miscellaneous personal services)
  • Urban Planning -
  • Industrial Design - (miscellaneous repair services)
  • Screenwriting - reality tv
  • Occupational therapy -
  • Radiologic technology
  • Public relations -
  • Criminal justice - private investigator
  • Psychology - behavior technician



  • kinesiology
  • photography
  • electrician
  • network technician
  • gerontology
  • recording arts
  • game dev (hobby, toys and games)
  • audio engineer
  • accounting clerk
  • asl
  • esl
  • dba
  • sysadmin



  • Cosmetology
  • Pet Grooming
  • Vet
  • Lifeguard
  • Bookkeeper
  • Canvassing Animal Care Specialist I
  • Paramedic


  • dog grooming
  • water recycling
  • Water Bottling
  • E-Waste Reclamation
  • Bike Repair
  • Braille Publisher
  • Graphic Designer
  • Ice Sculpter
  • Candle Making


  • Tax Preparer
  • Personal Banker
  • MRI Tech
  • POS Tech
  • substitute teacher
  • computer repair
  • buy/sell niche blogs


  • private investigator
  • transcribe videos
  • caption images
  • recycle
  • buy/sell toys
  • find/sell coins
  • groom pets
  • wedding dj
  • wedding officiant
  • obituary writer
  • notary public
  • legal document assistance
  • census field rep
  • pest control field rep


  • technical trainer
  • technical writer
  • grant writer
  • requirements analyst
  • business analyst
  • technical evangelist
  • data visualization analyst
  • database administration
  • network administration
  • security specialist
  • accessibility specialist


A VPAT lists potential attributes of the product that affect the degree to which it is accessible. One issue is whether a software's functions can be executed from the keyboard, or whether they require the use of a mouse, because keyboards are usable by a wider spectrum of people. Because colorblindness is common, another issue is whether the device or software communicates necessary information only by differences in displayed color. Because not all users can hear, another issue is whether the device or software communicates necessary information in an auditory way. If the product can be configured to the user's preferences on these dimensions, that is usually considered a satisfactory adaptation to the Section 508 requirements. One challenge to the adoption of open-source software in the U.S. government has been that there is no vendor to provide support or write a VPAT, but a VPAT can be written by volunteers if they can find the necessary information.

Open Source Support for Legacy Technology (Angular.js, jQuery, jQueryUI)


  • alembic
  • pdf/ua wcag
  • pdf accessible
  • "fully remote" javascript






Commissioned Code




regexp svg wai-aria coldfusion webextensions coldfusion firefox d3 heroku docker aws nuxt

analytics aggregation data-visualization deployment d3 highcharts firefox git webpack pwa

"event loop" csrf bootstrap graphql

Exp Points

functional programming: lazy eval via ES5 noSuchMethod a11y/WAI-ARIA: Yes Unit tests: QUnit, Jest, Jasmine End to end tests: Selenium, Cucumber, Protractor Render callbacks: react-intl bundlers: Webpack, Grunt, Maven Profiling: Selenium HAR file analysis, Lighthouse Debugger: Snippets, dynamic breakpoints State management: CSSOM, templateCache, MobX Developer tool: introduced and implemented BrowserRouter Articles:

Soft Skills

  1. Be able to fix basic PC issues

  2. Work the help desk.

  3. Do public speaking.

  4. Train someone. The best way to learn is to teach.

  5. Listen more than you speak.

  6. Know basic networking.

  7. Know basic system administration.

  8. Know how to take a network trace.

  9. Know the difference between latency and bandwidth. Latency is the amount of time to get a packet back and forth; bandwidth is the maximum amount of data a link can carry. They are related, but different. A link with high-bandwidth utilization can cause latency to go higher, but if the link isn't full, adding more bandwidth can't reduce latency.

  10. Script.

  11. Back up. Before you do anything, for your own sake, back it up.

  12. Test backups. If you haven't tested restoring it, it isn't really there. Trust me.

  13. Document.

  14. Read "The Cuckoo's Egg."

  15. Run cable. It looks easy, but it isn't.

  16. You should know some energy rules of thumb. For example: A device consuming 3.5kW of electricity requires a ton of cooling to compensate for the heat. And I really do mean a ton, not merely "a lot." Note that 3.5kW is roughly what 15 to 20 fairly new 1U and 2U servers consume. One ton of cooling requires three 10-inch-round ducts to handle the air; 30 tons of air requires a duct measuring 80 by 20 inches. Thirty tons of air is a considerable amount.

  17. Manage at least one project.

  18. Understand operating costs versus capital projects. Operating costs are the costs to run the business. Capital equipment is made of assets that can have their cost spread over a time period -- say, 36 months. Operating costs are sometimes better, sometimes worse. Know which one is better -- it can make a difference between a yes and no.

  19. Learn the business processes.

  20. Don't be afraid to debate something you know is wrong. But also know when to stop arguing. It's a fine line between having a good idea and being a pain in the ass.

  21. If you have to go to your boss with a problem, make sure you have at least one solution.

  22. There is no such thing as a dumb question, so ask it ... once. Then write down the answer so that you don't have to ask it again. If you ask the same person the same question more than twice, you're an idiot (in their eyes).

  23. Even if it takes you twice as long to figure something out on your own versus asking someone else, take the time to do it yourself. You'll remember it longer. If it takes more than twice as long, ask.

  24. Learn how to speak without using acronyms.



indeed: xacml

indeed: mqtt

upwork: coldfusion mediawiki joomla perl vbscript sqlite xslt

title:salesforce title:developer title:us +pulse

sac: sunrun kings lennar vsp

solano: community-college bio-rad thatsmybank statefundca


  • personal trainer
  • nutritionist
  • pilot
  • airplane mechanic
  • private investigator
  • financial planner
  • desktop support manager
  • network engineer
  • real estate photographer
  • dental assistant
  • paralegal
  • radiology technician
  • train engineer

Adjunct Pools


So have something very specific in mind when you approach people, because often they want to help but they are just limited in time. With some people there will be a match and with some people there won’t be a match, but if you meet with enough people then you will stumble upon your match. Someone who is interested enough in what you do that they will actually call you back.

However, when you are funding a company and something goes wrong, there is not enough cash in the bank and payroll is tomorrow, and you have to call your banker and tell him to wire the money to cover payroll for forty people, you get another view of things.

You see growing up in high school, I had never captured the fact that you actually have to study books along the way and not just the day before the test. You make your cheat sheets and then you study. So I struggled there because I had to literally figure out how to study. Then I got to graduate school and there people's work ethic was really intense so I struggled. I struggled through a lot of things along the way but you just have to refuse to lose and push through.

Sometimes in academia a person creates this breakthrough innovation but the question is whether it fits in the market. I use this term a lot, but is it a valuable problem? Not is it a hard problem, or an interesting problem, but is it a valuable problem? This means people are willing to pay you to solve this problem in a repetitive fashion.

If I find myself halfway working and then watching TV, then that just doesn't work and I might as well go and play. If I find myself halfway playing, I might as well go home and write some code and just really maximize whatever you are doing. Then in terms of relationships, they just have to understand that this is a lifestyle. Right now I work with people who have wives and kids and so the startup lifestyle does not have to mean that you stay up coding till 2 or 3am every night.Manager of Data Engineering and Analytics

Simple Certifications

Offensive Security



Cloud Practitioner


MuleSoft Certified Developer


Chartered Financial Analyst


Developers Certification


Azure Fundamentals


Certified Administrator

United Nations



SAS Certified Base Programmer Credential


Made some money.

Learned the Internet business.

Learned to be humble.

Flew a lot of airplanes.

Data Sources

Extended Support Business

AngularJS; Coldfusion; Drupal 7; Vue 2; jQuery; Bootstrap; XML/XSLT/XPath(DataPower); Perl


cophealth certifiedvolunteer clutterjournal