Migration from 3.18 to version 4.0 - sepinf-inc/IPED Wiki

User Migration

All profiles were unified, they are not specific for each language anymore. Default profile was moved to root folder again. Profiles are now differential, just the differences to the default profile are configured into other profiles. This makes it easy to identify the differences between profiles. If you change some config in the default (root) profile, that will be applied to other profiles too, except if the config option is overriden/fixed into them.

Several options related to old features were renamed, merged or moved to different configuration files, they are listed below. For new options of new features, check the user manual.


  • kffDb, ledWkffPath, projectVicHashSetPath, photoDNAHashDatabase were merged into the new hashesDB. It is the place where your hash database was created when importing hashsets, please look at Hash Database v4


  • hash was renamed to hashes and moved to conf/HashTaskConfig.txt. A new enableHash boolean was created.
  • enableKff, enableLedWkff & enableProjectVicHashLookup were merged and renamed to enableHashDBLookup. A new enablePhotoDNALookup was created
  • excludeKffIgnorable was renamed to excludeKnown and moved to conf/HashDBLookupConfig.txt
  • enableOCR was moved to conf/OCRConfig.txt
  • addUnallocated and addFileSlacks were moved to conf/FileSystemConfig.txt
  • indexUnallocated were moved to conf/IndexTaskConfig.txt
  • indexUnknownFiles and indexCorruptedFiles were renamed to parseUnknown and parseCorrupted and moved to conf/ParsingTaskConfig.txt
  • enableKFFCarving was renamed to enableLedCarving

PS: Behavior change: a new enableAutomaticExportFiles boolean was created, now it must be enabled if you want to automatically extract files from evidence to case folder using conf/CategoriesToExport.txt or conf/KeywordsToExport.txt.


  • entropyTest was moved to IPEDConfig.txt
  • robustImageReading, numImageReaders, ignoreHardLinks, minOrphanSizeToIgnore, unallocatedFragSize, skipFolderRegex were moved to conf/FileSystemConfig.txt
  • enableExternalParsing, numExternalParsers, externalParsingMaxMem, phoneParsersToUse, timeOut, timeOutPerMB, sortPDFChars, minRawStringSize, processImagesInPDFs, storeTextCacheOnDisk were moved to conf/ParsingTaskConfig.txt
  • minItemSizeToFragment were moved to conf/SplitLargeBinaryConfig.txt
  • forceMerge, extraCharsToIndex, convertCharsToLowerCase, filterNonLatinChars, convertCharsToAscii, textSplitSize, useNIOFSDirectory, commitIntervalSeconds, storeTermVectors, maxTokenLength were moved to conf/IndexTaskConfig.txt
  • all OCR Settings, except processImagesInPDFs, were moved to conf/OCRConfig.txt
  • all Search Settings plus embedLibreOffice were moved to conf/AnalysisConfig.txt


  • skipKffFiles was renamed to skipHashDBFiles
  • maxSimilarityDistance and searchRotatedAndFlipped were moved to conf/PhotoDNALookupConfig.txt

CategoriesByTypeConfig.txt and CategoryHierarchy.txt were merged into CategoriesConfig.json

KFFTaskConfig.txt was totally refactored to a new NSRLConfig.json

Developer Migration