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Installing this module requires a FedEx Developer account, which is used to create a FedEx API Key and Secret Key. There are a number of steps here, and these screens may change over time. Contact your FedEx account rep if you need help.

Before you start, be sure you have your FedEx account number and billing address handy.

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Installing this module in your cart

  • ftp the two PHP files to your cart.
    • includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/fedexrest.php
    • includes/modules/shipping/fedexrest.php
  • In your Admin panel, go to Modules > Shippping, select FedEx REST, and press the install button
  • Set the parameters as desired. Instructions for getting the API Key and Secret Key are below.

Getting FedEx Credentials

step1 step2
  • Answer the Questions in the Create an Organization form as follows:
    • I NEED API ACCESS BECAUSE: I work for a company that ships with FedEx and needs to integrate FedEx APIs into their system.
    • Company Name and Company Website - your name and URL
    • Organization Name - Pick a name, such as " Zen Cart"
    • Skip the Invite Users step.
  • At this point, you may have to create a Shipping Account if you do not have one set up with FedEx. You will need your account number and billing address to do this.
  • On the next page, Create a Project (you may also do this by clicking the My Projects link on the Purple sidebar menu).
    • I work for a company that: Ships with FedEx and needs to integrate FedEx APIs into their system.
    • Project Name - pick a name such as " Zen Cart"
    • In the Select APIs area, check "Rates and Transit Times."
step4 step4b

Click the "I understand" button on the confirm popup.

  • Accept Terms on the next page

  • On the Configure your Project page, select the countries you ship to and press the Create button.

  • On the Project Overview page, click the Production Key tab. You will have to create a shipping account if you don't have one. Click "Add an Account" to do this. You will need your account number and billing address.

  • You may have to refresh the page after creating an account, which will happen in a separate tab.
  • Click the "Create" button once everything is done, and you'll get your production keys.

You now have an API Key and Secret Key. Use these in the configuration screen for Zen Cart FedEx REST Shipping.

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