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Make new admin account



usermod -aG wheel username


using ssh on a windows terminal will allow you to execute commands on a linux machine remotely

Important Commands

cd: navigate to a directory

cd ../: go up one directory

ls: list of files and directories in current directory

ls -la: list hidden files

sudo: grants temporary root access

sudo -i: grants root access until you don't need it, leave root with exit

pwd: Present working directory

mkdir: make a new directory

nmtui: pulls up a networking interface for checking and editing network properties like IP address and hostname

vi: text editor

Firewall commands

firewall-cmd: the basic firewall prefix command

--reload: restarts the firewall, EXECUTE AFTER ALL CHANGES

--permanent: sets any changes to be permanent, instead of having to reconfigure on every boot

--add-port=/: add a port to allow traffic through the firewall

--remove-port=/: remove a port to stop traffic getting through

--query-port=/: ask the firewall if the port is open or not

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