Sprint 3 Project Planning - samjamhen/Watermelons-soen341projectW2024 GitHub Wiki

After the successful completion of Sprint 2, where we delivered key features such as User Management, Vehicle Management, and Reservation Management, we are now ready to tackle Sprint 3. In this sprint, our focus will be on implementing new core features and enhancing existing functionalities to further improve the user experience.

Key Highlights:

  1. Find a Branch Feature: This feature will allow users to search for available branches based on location, availability, and other relevant criteria. It will involve implementing both front-end UI components for user interaction and backend logic for fetching branch data.

  2. Check-in Process: The check-in process feature will enable users to check-in their vehicles seamlessly. This involves designing intuitive interfaces for users to input necessary information and implementing backend functionalities to handle the check-in process efficiently.

  3. Check-out Process: Similar to the check-in process, the check-out process feature will allow users to check-out their vehicles after use. This includes designing UI components for user input and backend logic for processing check-out requests.

Risk Assessment:

As with previous sprints, we have identified high-priority functionalities crucial for the success of the project and categorized them based on risk levels. We will continue to monitor and mitigate risks throughout the sprint to ensure timely delivery of features.

Task Assignment:

Tasks will be assigned based on individual expertise and the aim of delivering every system requirement in a timely manner. We will break down user stories into smaller tasks and assign them to individual team members to ensure efficient progress.

Difficulty Point System:

We will continue to use the Fibonacci point system to assign time estimates to tasks based on their complexity. This system allows for a fair assessment of the difficulty level of each task and helps in better planning and allocation of resources.


Sprint 3 will focus on implementing core features such as Find a Branch, Check-in Process, and Check-out Process, while also writing unit tests and acceptance tests to ensure the quality and reliability of our code. By effectively allocating tasks, assessing risks, and maintaining a collaborative effort, we aim to successfully deliver all system requirements and further enhance the project.