Semester 2 Sprint 1 - ryanm292002/CAPSTONE GitHub Wiki

Deliverable Statement.

Its a new semester, scarirly the last one ill be taking at Champlain College. The first semester for the project went better than expected, I had an idea all the way back an August and by December I have a script that im proud to have wrote that does exactly what I want it to in regards to scanning URLs. Now comes the tougher part.

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Sprint 1 objectives:

  • flesh out any problems with previous VT script
  • Continue to work on other APIs besides Virus total (research, testing)
  • Generate new ways to innovate the web tool
  • Start formulating an all in one script
  • Meet with Joe at one point or another

CSV scripts

While this mostly has been a freelancing project, recently the Internship I work has come across some needs for the scripts I have been writing. The idea of combining APIS did come from them, so its now come apparent there maybe some new side quests to complete in regards to the scripts as I only have one API key to work with @ 500 entries a day. These tasks have been given to me during work but since they will probably be in someway incorporated into my tool, I have been working on these during free time aswell.

1). Creating a script that intakes a CSV file with a list of URLS in left most column, outputs a csv file with # of malicious ratings on VT.

2.) Create a script that intakes hashes, uses different endpoint{id}