Frequently Asked Questions For Users - ruffle-rs/ruffle Wiki

What is Ruffle?

Flash Player has been removed from browsers in 2021. As of now, the only ways of using the official player is using desktop players, alternative browsers or obsolete versions of browsers. Ruffle is a project that allows running Flash content in the browser without the official player.

Why did I get a message about unsupported content?

Currently Ruffle only supports games written in ActionScript 1 and 2. This includes all games before 2006 and only some games released later.

Unfortunately, your content was using Actionscript 3, which Ruffle does not yet support.

When will this work?

There is no single release date. Development is in progress, and as it progresses, simple content will start working first, while more complex content will follow later. However, as of right now (January 14th, 2022), minimal support will take at least several months to develop. See the ActionScript 3 tracking issue for more details.

If you’re wondering why ActionScript 3 support is taking a long time to develop, see this comment for an in-depth explanation.

What if I really want to play this content?

While you can no longer run Flash Player in modern browsers, you can still run SWF files in the official desktop Flash Player. You can also research other projects like Flashpoint or Lightspark.

Can I install Ruffle on my mobile device?

Ruffle does not have any official mobile apps yet. But websites that self-host content using Ruffle should work in modern mobile browsers. And if you have an Android device, you may be able to install the Ruffle Chrome extension using the Kiwi Browser - see Using Ruffle for more details.

As Ruffle emulates text fields, much functionality is missing, including opening the on-screen keyboard on touchscreen devices. In order to input text you can work around this by opening the touch keyboard from the taskbar on Windows or by using Hacker's Keyboard on Android. You must then enable 'use permanent notification' in its settings. It will then show an ongoing notification which you can tap on to invoke the keyboard at any point.

How do I sponsor this project?

You can sponsor us by visiting this page.