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Feature Status

Version:, Build: 84641

SnapMod Version: 1.8.5

Key: Emoji | Status --- | --- ✔️ | Working ⚠️ | Partially working ❌ | Not working 🚧 | In progress

Feature Status Notes
Disable Camera ✔️
Hide screenshot notifications ✔️
Hide save to camera roll notifications ✔️
Hide Bitmoji presence ✔️
Hide typing notifications ✔️
Hide friends Hooks/feature
Hide snap views ✔️
Hide story views ✔️
Disable metrics/logging ✔️
Hide read receipts ✔️
Stealth mode (per conversation) ✔️
Pin conversations ✔️
Block ads ✔️
Disable spotlight tab ✔️
Hide story sections ⚠️ Nothing shows if nothing is hidden
Disable bitmojis ✔️
Preview chats ✔️
Exoport chats ✔️
Auto save messages ✔️
Auto download snaps ✔️
Auto download stories ✔️
Custom camera resolution/fps/bitrate ✔️
Disable compression/transcoding of sent/saved media ✔️
Snapchat+ features 🚧
Send snaps from gallery ⚠️ Long videos fail to send
Save snaps and audio notes ⚠️ Can save snaps through three dots menu (edits are lost)
Bypass video length restrictions ⚠️ Long videos fail to send as snaps
Unlimited snap/story view time ✔️
Disable snap splitting ⚠️ Sends multiple of the same full video
Pin stories ✔️ Unloaded stories cannot be pinned
Download stories ✔️
Download public profile pictures ✔️
Custom snap download path ⚠️ Works if snap saved through 3 dots menu
Show message content in notifications ✔️
Show media previews ⚠️ Video snaps sometimes won't show preview, gallery media no longer shows preview
Show more info on profile ✔️
Log network requests ✔️

Removed/Unnecessary Features

These features are no longer useful/necessary so have been removed completely. Feature | Reason --- | --- Enable new voice notes | Enabled by default Audio note playback speed | Natively supported Enable new chat menu | Enabled by default Hidden chat options | Unsupported on new chat menu Enable story list | List view removed from code