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  1. I see a log message "Unable to load xxx module"?

These are associated with optional modules that provide additional functionality and are not required. As in example, the cryptography module is used to encrypt passwords in the config.ini file. By default, passwords are in the clear. If you want encryption, then install the module, restart the service and enable use_encryption.

  1. Do I include the <> in the username password from config_example.ini?

No, replace the entire value with your username or password.

  1. I see a message "Unable to login due to invalid logins...". What does this mean?

The username/password provided are most likely in error. Continuously trying to send invalid login data to Locast will only lock the account. To prevent this, a value of login_invalid is added to config.ini in order to prevent continuously logging into Locast and locking the account. Once the values are fixed, remove the login_invalid line and try again.

  1. Where can the config.ini be found?

By default, cabernet looks for the config.ini file in the top level install folder and the install ./data directory. It can also be located from a command option:


  1. I see a log message stating ffmpeg and ffprobe are missing?

MS Windows does not by default have ffmpeg executables installed. By default, the app does not use them, but if the stream type or stream filter is changed to use either ffmpeg or ffprobe, then ffmpeg needs to be installed. ffmpeg installation is available during the installation of cabernet.

  1. The service is not running, where are the logs?

Logs are located in the $TEMP\cabernet folder. To see the service details, bring up a cmd window and cd to the lib\tvheadend\service\Windows folder. Review the help on nssm by typing the command nssm -h. To review the service settings, type "nssm edit tvheadend-locast". Logs are defined in the I/O tab.

  1. Can I run the app from the command line?

Yes, however, be aware of the permissions in the data folder. Database files can be read-only to the user. Removing the database files and having them re-generate will guarantee access. To run the script, cd to the top level install folder and type