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When a seed or resource count change, emit a 'change count!', then have update inventory and update resources fire based on that emit

Add a # badge next to menu icons to denote new seeds, resources, etc. This needs to be a function that updates these numbers if the user isn't on that tab. Once the user clicks on the tab, the numbers go away.

Every Entity needs a display name for the message box

Message box needs a revamp - not sure, but I don't like it

Need a better way to distinguish between entity types in message box (already sending entity type to the message box. use that?)

Come up with a way to skip the gameplay and go straight to a section of the game (for testing code)

Need a .favicon

Have some sort of place where you can see every seed that's been planted so far, and ? placeholders for the undiscovered seeds

Highlight the selected tab in some way

Breeding Tab? Resource 1 + Resource 2 = Resource 3. Valid breeding produces a new seed (radish + radish = radish lv.2 seed). Invalid breeding only produces a combo resource (pear + apple = pearple, but no pearple seed)

Cooking Tab? In the beginning, you can sell advanced food for more money? Later, food can be eaten for upgrades?

Planting coins is active play (makes more money)

Planting radishes and then selling them is passive play (each radish worth a lot of $$, but takes a long time to grow

Next step after this is to figure out how to automate this. Automation produces money and plants slowly. Active play produces money and plants quickly.

The Why: Need to add a display somewhere "You have grown (x)% of all the things". Modify the game to show which seeds have been grown so far.


Get the Buy icons to work in the Market Buy Tab

Get the Sell icons to work in the Market Sell Tab

Market Tab Seed

Market Tab Upgrade Seed (v.1)

Market Tab Upgrade Seed (v.2)

Bottom Tabs

Fix dumb border on button select.

Clicking on an item selects it. Clicking on that same item again deselects it.

Money Tab Seed

Inventory Seed

Resource Tab Seed

X Refactor counter logic to be gooder

X Move message box to top – add ‘unselect’ button to message box

X Handle logic for when a completed seed is clicked

X Create a seed type for inventory