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After registering as a user and creating an account, an associate will be able to navigate the home page and be able to select an exam to take. The exam should consist of questions of the variety true/false, multiple choice, multiple select, short answer, and matching. Our user should be able to see an overview of the exam and the questions they have answered, not answered, flagged, and marked for review. While taking the exam, an associate should be able to go to the previous or next question, or select a specific question from the exam overview to jump to. In addition the user should also be able to toggle a question for review. A Registered User should be able to flag a question they believe is wrong, has a typo, or is otherwise problematic. This should result in a modal that allows the user to write a comment and select a category and possibly sub-category for why it was flagged. Categories should include “Out of Date”, “Incorrect”, “Grammar”, “Spelling Mistake”, Punctuation”, and “Other”. They should be able to see the remaining time left for the exam, and when it reaches the time limit, the exam should be automatically submitted. They should also be able to submit an exam in progress. Upon doing so a confirmation modal should display asking the user if they are sure they want to submit it. It should highlight any remaining unanswered questions, or questions still marked for review. If the submission is confirmed, the score should be calculated and results displayed for the Registered User.


After registering and loging in as a trainer, the trainer will be allowed access the main page on the website. The trainer will be able to view two different pages the home page and the assignment page. The home page will display messages advertisements, news and lates updates. The assignment page will list both associates and the available tests for assignment. On this assignment page information that will be displayed, includes information as to the user and the test assigned to them as well as the assignment history. The users that are available for the instructor to assign tests to can then be chosen by the instructor from a list. The instructor may then take the following action with the attached button menu. They may post a message or assign a test. On pushing the assign test button, a list of available tests will be accessible from a drop-down list. The trainer will be able to choose from a list, a test they think is most pertinent and assign it to the chosen associate. From the history of the chosen associate They will be able to view whether the chosen associate has completed the test and what result they got as well. After a test is completed, the Trainer will receive a notification on their assignment page that a user has completed the assigned test. They will then be able to view the users time and date of completion and results of the given test.


Manager represent the upper management of the organization and should be granted the highest security levels within the organization.

 Are responsible for Exam Questions Upon logging into the org Manager should be able to review pending questions that were submitted by Trainers. They must have edit access to all fields within question object and will be responsible for Deactivating questions no longer in use.

Access to all fields entails at minimum:

  1. Create new questions
  2. Determine the style of questions
  3. Edit question title
  4. Edit question body
  5. Edit question answers
  6. Edit question categories

 In addition to Exam questions Managers will be responsible for the Exams At minimum:

  1. Create new Exam
  2. Determine the name of the exam
  3. Set the duration of the exam
  4. Determine question categories
  5. Determine number of questions to be selected per category

System Administrator

Bob, the Examforce System Administrator got a call from one of his friends who works at Salesforce. His friend told him that they were swamped that day when an LWC update broke the styling for thousands of Experience sites across the world. He tried to go to sleep that evening, but his nerves had him sweating bullets and he never got a moment of rest. Tired and foggy, Bob went to work the next day prepared to spend countless hours trying to get the site up and running. He logged in and launched the Experience builder, which showed the site was just fine. He started scratching his head and decided to browse to the live site, there he was sure to see a mess! Avail, everything was fine. Bob was determined to find the bugs, so he called the dev team who built the site to see if they could help him find these pesky spiders that were sure to be abound. Though he found out that through careful planning and a commitment to the development standards set at the beginning of the project, their site was unaffected. They had made a decision early on to only apply custom styling to wrapper elements, which allowed the LWC update on their site to push through without a hitch. Bob then took a big sigh of relief, and napped at his desk for the rest of the day.