Translation - rejetto/hfs GitHub Wiki

First, check if your language is already available, looking at this list.

If your language is missing, download then english file as a starting point. Rename the file changing the "en" part with your language's 2-letter code.

The file is a simple text file, the general syntax is JSON, and each sentence syntax is ICU. When you see curly braces like {n}, that's a variable, like a number, always changing. Commands within curly braces MUST NOT be translated, like plural.

The way plural works in your language is probably different from english, so if you don't get the results you need, you may need to make some changes. Refer to this guide to know your options.

Always check your file is working good before submitting. If you see bad characters, verify your file is saved as UTF8. When you are sure it's good, you can publish it. The easiest way is to open an issue and attach your file (you may need to zip it, first). We will include it in our folder.

This is what a translation file looks like

    "author": "IlyaBOT",
    "version": 1.0,
    "hfs_version": "0.39.0",
    "translate": {
        "Select": "Select",
        "n_files": "{n} files",
        "n_folders": "{n,plural, one{# folder} other{# folders}}",
        "filter_count": "{n,plural, one{# element} other{# elements}}",
        "select_count": "{n,plural, one{# select} other{# select}}",
        "filter_placeholder": "Filter",
        "Select some files": "Select some files"