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Reg's More Foods has 5 types of foods. These classifications have no in-game uses, but are referenced in this Wiki as well as the in-game Gourmand's Digest Cookbook.


Entrées are foods that are large enough to be considered meals on their own. Typically, eating an Entrée will be enough to fill 50% or more of a player's hunger bar (unless it's completely empty).


Starters are foods that are similar to Entrées, with the difference being that a player may need to eat a second or third Starter to completely top off their hunger bar. Typically eaten before or after an Entrée to ensure maximum saturation.


An Appetizer is, in the interests of this pack, a snack or dessert. Appetizers typically share the trait of being able to be eaten regardless of the player's current hunger level.

Appetizers tend to also be able to be eaten faster than other foods, making them great for loading up on before topping off the hunger bar with a Starter or an Entrée to stack up a lot of saturation, making regenerating a lot of health easier to do.


Sides are foods that don't fit the other categories. Sides tend to be Ingredients, which aren't really Appetizers as they can't be eaten whenever a player wishes, but also aren't filling enough to be an Entrée nor a Starter. They're like the awkward middle child of the classification family.


Drinks are... drinks. Any food that can be consumed in a bottle or other drinking-apparatus is a Drink.

All Drinks can be consumed at any time, regardless of hunger level. They're like Appetizers in that respect.


If the food can be used to make other foods, it's an Ingredient. Typically shares attributes with Sides, so most food descriptions may include both a Side and an Ingredient in their "Classification" field if it is one.