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Development Roadmap

Emulator and System Support

  • [v1.10] Ryujinx support

  • [v1.15] install emulators in Nostlan

  • [v1.16] Built-in support for em-fceux, a javascript port of fceux an NES emulator

  • [v1.18] rewrite contro-ui to support multiple controllers

  • [v1.20] Ryujinx cloud/backup save sync support

  • [v2.0] added two player support in em-fceux

  • [v2.0] Built-in support for the WASM based webretro mgba, a GameBoy Advance emulator

  • [v2.0] Built-in support for the WASM based webretro genesis plus gx, a SEGA Genesis emulator

  • [IN_PROGRESS] create an extension protocol that will let users add support for other system's game libraries and emulators

App UI

  • [v1.10] show game wiki pages in the manuals section of the open box menus

  • [v1.11] better region support for Europe and Japan

  • [v1.15] change UI language

  • [v1.23] UI translations for Spanish, German, Dutch, and Hebrew

  • proper UI translations for Russian (50% complete) and Japanese (0%)

  • region based improvements to Nostlan's game art database searching

User Experience

  • [v1.16] when an emulator app is not found Nostlan will prompt the user for the location of the app or if Nostlan should download and install it automatically

  • [1.21] edit menu with skeuomorphic labels that lets users manually identify games by searching through Nostlan's game databases and then Nostlan will load cover art for that game. Will also enable users to identify game mods that aren't found in Nostlan's game databases. Mod boxes will have the original game art with the mod's title on a label sticker.

  • [1.21] image search feature that would allow users to add cover art without having to use their web browser, download images, rename them, and move them to the game's image folder

  • add ability to drag and drop games into the game library to import them

Other ideas

  • precise game identification for Nintendo DS games using game id by scanning console after game launch
  • precise Wii/Gamecube/VC game identification using Dolphin.exe and robotjs to get the game id values directly from the main ui's game table (experimental idea, might not work)