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Change Theme

Nostlan has different themes for every system it supports. If you become a Patreon supporter you can unlock additional themes I've made and even make your own custom themes.

Unlockable Themes

gba: purple (default), blue SP, light blue SP, red SP, silver SP

gcn: purple (default), orange, silver, panasonic Q, black

snes: Super Nintendo (USA) controller (default), Super Famicom / PAL controller, Super Nintendo (USA) console, snes game box

switch: red and blue (default), splatoon 2, animal crossing

How to Change a System's Theme

1. Open the Main Menu by pressing the Nostlan button.

2. Select "Settings Menu", then "Change Appearance", then "Change Theme"

3. Select the theme you want. Nostlan will save your changes when you quit the app.