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(9-)11-13 September 2024

The 2024 Contributor meeting will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia. We will be hosted by Faculty of Civil Engineering STU - see location on OSM.

The main days of the contributor meeting will be 11-13 September - three full days.

Prior to the meeting, there is going to be QGIS User Conference, on 9-10 September. For the User Conference you will need to buy a ticket, details about the User Conference are available at https://uc2024.qgis.sk/. During the conference, there will be room available for contributor meeting participants.

What is a Contributor Meeting?

A QGIS Contributor Meeting is a volunteer-driven event where contributors to the QGIS project from around the world get together in a common space. The event is normally three days in duration and we hold one or two such events each year. During these events, contributors to the QGIS project take the opportunity to plan their work, hold face-to-face discussions and present new improvements to the QGIS project that they have been working on. Everybody attending the event donates their time to the project for the days of the event.

As a project that is built primarily through online collaboration, these meetings provide a crucial ingredient to the future development of the QGIS project. The event is planned largely as an ‘unconference’ with minimal structured programme planning. We do this to allow attendees the freedom to meet dynamically with those they encounter at the event. Those sessions that are planned are advertised on the event web page and we try to enable remote participation through video conferencing software. Although our hosts are not funded and donate the working space to us, we show our appreciation by making one of our software release’s splash screens in honour of that host, which is a great way to gain exposure of your institution and country to the hundreds of thousands of users that make use of QGIS.

Code of conduct

When attending our meetings we ask you to please abide by the QGIS diversity statement and Code of Conduct. We also ask attendees to respect local laws, customs and culture and be good ambassadors for the QGIS project.




Attendants need to organize their own accommodation. Bratislava offers a wide variety of hotels at different price points.

Transportation - How to arrive

By Train/Bus: Bratislava is well connected to other cities by trains and bus. Many international trains go to Vienna, from there there are frequent train connections to Bratislava's train stations.

By Plane: Bratislava airport (BTS) has relatively few connections. Vienna airport (VIE) is only ~50 km away and it is very well connected to many cities, and there are frequent bus connections between Vienna airport and Bratislava.

By Car: Please note that the area around the venue has regulated parking on the streets (see the map https://paas.sk/en/zone-map/)


You can apply for refund of travel cost to [email protected] - Deadline for application 2 weeks before the event. Use this form to apply for funding support.


Add your name by editing this page. If you'd like to attend workshops at the Onboarding Day, please subscribe for those as well at the bottom of this page. Going to the User Conference too? Please subscribe at the UC website.

# Name Country Arrival Time Depart. Time Place to stay Notes/Diet Shirt size Email
1 Martin Dobias SK 09/09 08:00 13/09 18:00 home anything M [email protected]
2 Giovanni Manghi PT 09/09 08:00 13/09 18:00 TBD anything L [email protected]
3 Kurt Menke DK 09/09 TBD 13/09 TBD TBD anything XL [email protected]
4 Vedran Stojnović HR 09/09 08:00 13/09 18:00 AirBNB/Petržalka anything XL [email protected]
5 Jeroen Hovens NL 09/09 08:00 13/09 18:00 TBD no shellfish XL [email protected]
6 Lene Fischer DK 09/09 --- 13/09 --- --- --- XXL [email protected]
7 Bo Victor Thomsen DK 09/09 --- 13/09 --- --- --- XXL [email protected]
8 Raymond Nijssen NL 09/09 08:00 TBD --- TBD anything M [email protected]
9 Johannes Kröger DE 09/09 TBD 13/09 TDB Airbnb --- S [email protected]
10 Rosa Aguilar NL 09/09 TBD 12/09 TDB TBD --- S [email protected]
11 Björn Hinkeldey DE 09/09 08:00 13/09 TDB TBD vegetarian L [email protected]
12 Erik Meerburg NL 09/09 08:00 12/09 15:00 TBD pescetarian L [email protected]
13 Klaus Agerskov DK 09/09 08:00 13/09 TBD Saffron hotel anything XL [email protected]
14 Ujaval Gandhi IN 07/09 15:00 13/09 12:00 Saffron hotel vegetarian XL [email protected]
15 Stefanos Natsis GR 09/09 08:00 13/09 18:00 TBD anything L [email protected]
16 Benjamin Jakimow DE 08/09 20:00 11/09 20:00 TBD anything XL [email protected]
17 Jürgen Fischer DE 11/09 tbd 13/09 tbd tbd anything 2XL [email protected]
18 Aki Tuomaala FI 09/09 --- 13/09 --- --- anything M [email protected]
19 Etienne Trimaille FR 09/09 --- 12/09 --- --- anything XL [email protected]
20 Borys Jurgiel PL 09/09 --- 13/09 --- TBD anything M [email protected]
21 Ismail Sunni ID 09/09 --- 13/09 --- TBD halal food M [email protected]
22 Andreas Neumann CH 11/09 afternoon 13 or 14/09 --- TBD anything M [email protected]
23 Anita Graser AT 13/09 --- 13/09 --- Vienna anything M [email protected]
24 Jorge Gustavo Rocha PT 11/09 afternoon 13/09 18:00 AirBnB/Krížna St. anything M [email protected]
25 Dietrich Göttlicher DE 11/09 08:00 13/09 12:00 Film Hotel, Vysoká 27 anything L [email protected]

Individual Preparation

  • Bring your own laptop (and power supply and adapter!). Slovak sockets (230V/50Hz) look like this:



Always bring your favourite sports gear to contributor meetings and find out who will join you for some exercise.

Onboarding Day