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Work in progress 🚧

New feature still "work in progress":

  • When connected to internet, the horizontal toolbar features a TeX button that will toggle the viewer for mathematical formulas. The idea is that (in due time for all entities in the model) this window will show all equations that Linny-R generates for the entity being viewed (in the same way the Documentation dialog does this for comments associated with entities). The formulas are generated as LaTeX code that can be copied to the clipboard. They are rendered to mathematical formulas by KaTeX (a library that is dynamically loaded, hence the need for a live internet connection).
  • By default, decision variables and parameters such as bounds on processes and products are differentiated by generic subscripts (p for processes, q for products, a for actors, etc.). When the Mathematical formulas dialog is visible, the entity properties dialogs feature a light purple-shaded input field in the lower right corner that permits specifying the symbol (e.g., A for process A, or \theta for θ) that should be used as subscript instead of the generic subscript.

Ideas for future enhancements

  • The Chart Manager will permit setting a time step range for a chart. This limits the plotted time steps, thus reducing the chart width and permitting better formatting charts with a legend.
    Setting a time step range for a chart also affects what time series data is stored for experiments. This provides an easy way to leave out data on the beginning and end of the simulation period out of the analysis.
  • The Experiment Manager will also facilitate more options for comparison across multiple variables, such as highlighting the Pareto-optimal runs (given a set of variables and a statistic) and highlighting clusters of runs that show similar outcomes (across a set of variables) with different colors.