Sync a Feature(s) from Production - pulibrary/pul_library_drupal Wiki

  1. Load the production database locally lando drush sql-dump --result-file=/tmp/dump.sql; scp [email protected]:/tmp/dump.sql .

  2. import the production database locally

    lando drush sql-drop -y
    lando db-import dump.sql
    lando drush cc all
  3. List all the features Look for all overridden or needs review features

    git checkout -b update_features<date>
    lando drush fl

    Output from drush FL command

  4. For each feature that has been overridden (see image above)

    lando drush fd <feature machine name>

    check to be certain the change is wanted

    lando drush fu <feature machine name> -y
    git add sites/all
    git commit -m "Updated <feature machine name>"
  5. Do a final feature list to be certain you have all the updates and push the branch up to github

    lando drush fl
    git push origin update_features<date>
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