Downloads and Installation - pkoutoupis/rapiddisk Wiki

Clone the latest (and stable) source tree from the github repository:

$ git clone

If you already have an older copy of the source code previously cloned from the git repository, you can simply update it with the git pull command. You can also download the latest tarball release from the RapidDisk Sourceforge page.

Change into the directory and run the Makefile to build the management utility and kernel module:

$ cd rapiddisk
$ make

NOTE – To build the rapiddisk management utility, you will need to have libjansson and libmicrohttpd development library files installed on your host system.

NOTE – To build the kernel module, you are required to having either the full kernel source or the kernel headers installed for your current kernel revision.

And install the management utility, kernel module, and man page (management utility is installed in /sbin): $ sudo make install

Installing modules with DKMS

To build and install: $ sudo make dkms-install

Uninstalling modules with DKMS

To build and install: $ sudo make dkms-uninstall

Installing / uninstalling the administration utilities

Install: $ sudo make tools-install

Uninstall: $ sudo make tools-uninstall

Installing from existing Linux Distributions