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🖥️ Install Options

  1. Easiest way to update the V2 is using the pre-made BLISP flasher here  
  2. Detailed Instructions are on the Pinecil wiki page here.
  3. To troubleshoot updates, see Troubleshooting below and the Pinecil Wiki.
  4. If you prefer to build Blisp executable from code, or have a different need (i.e., ARM architecture), see below.

🐧 Build BLISP Flasher from code

Note: this has been tested for the BL706 MCU on x86-64. The build process also works on aarch64 and armv7, and Pinebook Pro ARM.

Linux Build Code

git clone --recursive https://github.com/pine64/blisp.git
cd blisp
mkdir build && cd build
cmake --build .
mkdir tools/blisp/data
mkdir -p tools/blisp/data/bl70x

Note: the blisp command will now be in build/tools/blisp/ folder and could later be run with flags as ./tools/blisp/blisp unless you cd into that folder.

Next steps to use the custom build in Linux

Do not use the Pinecil DC barrel jack while updating firmware or it may destroy the PC and pinecil.

  1. Get Pinecil V2 firmware from Github Ralim's IronOS

    a. Download the newest stable firmware release here (go to the bottom of the page, below the Assets section, and get the Pinecilv2.zip file).

    b. Extract Pinecilv2.zip and select a language file (English = Pinecilv2_EN.bin).

    c. Move the Pinecilv2_EN.bin (or selected language) into the same folder as the blisp command.


    d. Could delete the rest of Pinecilv2.zip, it is not needed.

  2. Connect Pinecil to PC/laptop: long hold [-], then connect cable. Can release the [-] after about 15-20second.

    a. V2 screen should be Empty/black, if not, then repeat connection, or find another cable/port.

    b. Pinecil connects as a serial port (Linux = /dev/ttyACM_x_, Windows = COM_x_).

    c. use dmesg -w if you would like to watch the connection, Pinecil BL706 will connect as Manufacturer: BLIOT, ttyACM device.

  3. If this fails, see troubleshooting below.

  4. If you are in the folder blisp/build/tools/blisp/ then execute

   sudo ./blisp write -c bl70x --reset Pinecilv2_EN.bin

Note: if a different language is selected, replace Pinecilv2_EN.bin above with the chosen file name.

  1. Almost done: unplug from the PC and restart V2. Hold down the minus [-] button to see the new version number.

  2. Once the flashing is complete. It is recommended to next go to Advanced > Restore Default Settings details here. Simply go to Advanced settings > Restore default settings, confirm using the [+] button. This sets all menu items to defaults, keeps the same firmware version (does not affect any Boot-up logo art if applicable). This is optional, by setting defaults on new firmware first before customizing, it avoids unexpected behavior due to some new changes if you came from a very old version. IronOS usually does not change your custom settings when updating to new releases and usually it's fine.

  3. Congradulations, enjoy your update and Stay Fluxey, my friends!

🛠️ Troubleshooting

  1. If the Pinecil V2 fails to connect to the PC, check the dmesg command output.

    a. try different cable or flip it over: usb-C to C or Usb-A to C.

    b. don't use a USB hub, directly connect to the USB port on the back of the PC or laptop.

    c. try different Usb ports. Sometimes the rear ports on a PC are better because they are directly connected to the motherboard.

    d. try a different PC/laptop

  2. It is important to hold down the [-] minus button before plugging in the Usb-c cable, and do not release the button for another 15-20 seconds. Try to hold it a little longer before releasing if your computer is slow and it is not working.

  3. If all else fails, then join one of the live community chat channels here as volunteer Pine64 members might have a hint to get the update working.

  4. Open a new issue ticket in this Github/Blisp flasher at https://github.com/pine64/blisp/issues

  5. See Pinecil Wiki for hardware information.

  6. See Github Ralim's IronOS for firmware/software information. This is only the Flasher that loads the firmware; all Pinecil firmware documents and menu instructions are in IronOS.

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