Installation - pilgun/acvtool GitHub Wiki


  1. Windows/OSX/Ubuntu.
  2. Java version 1.8.
  3. Android SDK.
  4. Python 3.


  1. Run the pip command to install dependencies:

    $ cd acvtool
    $ pip install -e .
    $ acv -h

    When successfully installed, you will be able to execute acv -h. This command will create the working directory "~/acvtool" and the configuration file "~/acvtool/config.json".

  2. Download the ACVPatcher binary for your system. ACVPatcher replaces usage of Apktool, zipalign, apksigner. ACVPatcher is a separated binary since it was implemented with .NET Core.

    ACVPatcher needs to be trusted to work:

    • (OSX/Linux) chmod +x acvpatcher
    • Call the Context Menu, Tap Open, Open the App From Not Trusted Developer
  3. Specify absolute paths to the Android tools at "~/acvtool/config.json" (%userprofile%\acvtool\config.json in Windows) for the following variables.

    • AAPT
    • ADB

    3.1. Windows configuration example

        "AAPT": "[%userprofile%]\\appdata\\local\\android\\sdk\\build-tools\\25.0.1\\aapt2.exe",
        "ZIPALIGN": "[%userprofile%]\\appdata\\local\\android\\sdk\\build-tools\\25.0.1\\zipalign.exe",
        "ADB": "[%userprofile%]\\appdata\\local\\android\\sdk\\platform-tools\\adb.exe",
        "APKSIGNER": "[%userprofile%]\\appdata\\local\\android\\sdk\\build-tools\\24.0.3\\apksigner.bat",
        "ACVPATCHER": "D:\\distr\\acvpatcher.exe"

    3.2. OSX, Linux configuration example

        "AAPT": "[$HOME]/Library/Android/sdk/build-tools/25.0.3/aapt2",
        "ZIPALIGN": "[$HOME]/Library/Android/sdk/build-tools/25.0.3/zipalign",
        "ADB": "[$HOME]/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/adb",
        "APKSIGNER": "[$HOME]/Library/Android/sdk/build-tools/24.0.3/apksigner",
        "ACVPATCHER": "~/distr/ACVPatcher-osx/acvpatcher"


Make sure you've put Python Scripts folder to Windows Path variable.

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