Design goals - pig-games/asm465 Wiki

This editor/assembler has some very specific design goals.

  1. Run natively on the Commodore/Ultimate 64 (provisions for C64 like machines)
  2. Use REU, SCPU, SD2IEC (and equivalent on Ultimate64)
  3. Support the full 6502 instruction set (with provisions for 65(ce)02 etc.) and addressing modes.
  4. UI/Editor
    1. Fast native 40x24 character mode editing (virtual 80+), specifically tailored and optimised for assember editing
    2. Optional live per source line indication of: Address, Instruction cycle counts (also for scope)
    3. Syntax highlighting
    4. Auto complete
    5. Multiple files open at the same time
    6. Tiled panels in stead of floating windows
  5. Support modern (assembler) features like:
    1. Modules
    2. (Nested) labels with scope/namespace
    3. Rich set of pseudo operations like (.if, .for, etc).
    4. Macro's
  6. Background processing
    1. Resolving label addresses
    2. Resolving line addresses
    3. Resolving instruction cycle counts
    4. Assembling
  7. File import/export
    1. ASCII <-> Asm465 formatted files
  8. Be fully self hosted as soon as possible.

The notation is chosen to be close to that of Kick Assembler, but not needing to be fully compatible. It will possibly make sense to make some Win/Mac/Linux command line tools for translating back and forth between the two.

Disclaimer: I'm aware this is quite a lofty set of goals, but development will be very incremental. Knowing where you want to end up however, does help a lot not making design decisions early on that will make it hard to reach the final set of goals in the future.