ZWave Tips - pifou25/docker-jeedom Wiki

Create the "Refresh" Endpoint action

There is 2 requirements: the nodeId info, and the refresh command

nodeId information

Information Number with the path zwave/{location}/{device}/status[nodeId] ( e.g. zwave/Maison/Ampoule2/status[nodeId]), named nodeId.

refresh command

The Default Action Command with path zwave/_CLIENTS/ZWAVE_GATEWAY-<Zwavejs2Mqtt>/api/refreshValues/set and the value is the previous named information : {"args": [#[location][device][nodeId]#]}


The location and device are set into the zwaveJs2Mqtt application. The application name is also in the app, = Zwavejs2Mqtt, this is the application name used to build the full MQTT path.

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