Assemble the main PCB - pietwauters/esp32-scoring-device GitHub Wiki

Start with the shortest components first: first the wire bridge(on the bottom side of the PCB), then the resistors, (optionally the female headers for the ESP32 module, you can solder the modules also directly on the main PCB), then the 100nF capacitors, then the BC337 transistor,(optionally the xh2.54 headers), then the 470uF capacitors and finally plug in the ESP32 module into the headers or solder it directly on the PCB.

IMG_2828_2 Small IMG_2831 Small IMG_2832 Small IMG_2833 Small IMG_2836 Small IMG_2838 Small IMG_2839 Small

As the buzzer I used comes with its own lead wires, I did not use an XH.54 connector for it. During mounting, I solder these leads directly to the PCB.

As you can see, the lower part of the PBC is not populated with components. This part is for future use:

  • It allows to connect the module to a Favero FA-03/05/07 data port.
  • There is also an easy connection to a Bluetooth serial module hc-06.