Change Log - phires/go-guerrilla GitHub Wiki

1.6.6 - 6 June 2024

  • Support of the PROXY command for HAProxy
  • Increased buffer size for header from 40KiB to ~10MiB

1.6.5 Takeover of the project by phires

1.6.0 Large refactoring of the code.

1.5.1 - 4nd Nov 2016

  • Small optimizations to the way email is saved

1.5 - 2nd Nov 2016

  • Fixed a DoS vulnerability, stop reading after an input limit is reached
  • Fixed syntax error in Json goguerrilla.conf.sample
  • Do not load certificates if SSL is not enabled
  • check database back-end connections before starting

1.4 - 25th Oct 2016

  • New Feature: multiple servers!
  • Changed the configuration file format to support multiple servers, this means that a new configuration file would need to be created form the sample (goguerrilla.conf.sample)
  • Organised code into separate files. Config is now strongly typed, etc
  • Deprecated nginx proxy support

1.3 14th July 2016

  • Number of saveMail workers added to config (GM_SAVE_WORKERS)
  • convenience function for reading int values form config
  • advertise PIPELINING
  • added HELP command
  • rcpt to host validation: now case insensitive and done earlier (after DATA)
  • iconv switched to: go get

1.2 1st July 2016

  • Reload config on SIGHUP
  • Write current process id (pid) to a file, /var/run/ by default