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Quick command typing

Each command can be recognised, with a minimum of 3 characters, for quick typing... Minium keyword length is determined by the uniqueness of the command/Option/Qualifier.

The command 'backup full /verbose'
RECM> ba 
recm-err(304): Too short. A command must contain at least 3 characters)
recm-err(304): Invalid/Incomplete command 'ba'

RECM> bac 
recm-err(304): Ambiguous command 'bac'
recm-inf: - 'backup config' (Launch backup of configuration files.)
recm-inf: - 'backup full' (Launch backup FULL ofthe current connected cluster.)
recm-inf: - 'backup wal' (Launch backup of WAL.)
recm-inf: - 'backup meta' (Launch backup of METADATA. Use 'pg_dump' tool to generated sql dump files and create a backup set.)
recm-err(304): Invalid/Incomplete command 'bac'

RECM> backup full /verbose 
Can be written quickly
RECM> bac ful /ver 
recm-err(104): Ambiguous Option/Qualifier '/ver'
Choose between /verbose /verify 
Duplicate keyword have to be eliminated
RECM> back ful /verb 
recm-inf: Starting backup at LSN 24/1C000028, WALfile '00000023000000240000001C'
recm-inf: Backup UID : 000161e13cdd1eac6ea8
recm-inf: Total pieces ......... : 15      
recm-inf: Total files backuped.. : 2812    
recm-inf: Total Backup size .... : 172591171 (164 MB)
recm-inf: Total bytes skipped... : 1363754  (1 MB)
recm-inf: Total files skipped... : 17      
NOTICE:  all required WAL segments have been archived
recm-inf: Ending backup at '24/1C000138' (00000023000000240000001C) 

Exclude backup from retention

Sometime, you need may need to keep backups longer.
RECM> backup full /wal /lock
or, for an existing backup
RECM> modify backup /lock /uid=000161e13cdd1eac6ea8;
You can see the option 'L' for each locked backups.
RECM> modify backup/uid=000161e163690673db00,000161e16379288a0570 /lock 
recm-inf: Backup UID '000161e163690673db00' changed.
recm-inf: Backup UID '000161e16379288a0570' changed.

RECM> list back /lock /verb 
List backups of cluster 'CLU12' (CID=1)
UID                    Date                 Type   Status       TL   Opts   Cnt        Size  Elaps(Sec) Tag
---------------------- -------------------- ------ ------------ ---- ---- -----   ---------- ---------- -------------------------
000161e163690673db00   2022-01-14 12:50:01  FULL   AVAILABLE    35   CI_L    14       159 MB        15s FULL_daily
000161e16379288a0570   2022-01-14 12:50:17  WAL    AVAILABLE    35   C__L     5        64 MB         0s FULL_daily


Reuse a old backup

After restored files on the disk(NFS), you can register it into the DEPOSIT as follow:
RECM> register files /dir="/media/backups" /verbose

See the Backup location

If you need to know where is stored the backup, invoke the 'show backup' command as follow:
RECM> show backup/uid=000161e1bd2d0a6485c0 
Backup UID '000161e1bd2d0a6485c0'   Cluster 'CLU12' (CID=1)
      Backup type..: WAL            Version.....: 12            Status:AVAILABLE
      TimeLine(TL).: 35             Tag.........: 'WAL_cron1'
      DateStyle(DS): (null)         TimeZone(TZ): '(null)'
      Size.........: 16777216 Bytes (16 MB) in 1 piece(s)
      Started......: 2022-01-14 19:13:01   Elapsed Time: 0s
      Ended........: 2022-01-14 19:13:01 
      Options: compressed(C)

       id       Files       Size Piece
      --- ---------- ---------- --------------------------------
       1]          1      16 MB (16 KB) /Volumes/pg_backups/000161e1bd2d0a6485c0_1_WAL.recm  [99.90 %]
          -------------------- ---------- 
                   1      16 MB (16 KB) [99.90%]
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