Command reference - pgrecm/RECM-1.0 Wiki


backup config Create a backup of PostgreSQL configuration files
backup full Create a backup of the Whole PostgreSQL (PGDATA folder)
backup meta Generate 'pg_dump' of all databases without data (metadata), and create a backup.
backup wal Create a backup of WAL directory (not the '/pg_wal' folder.


clrscr Clear the screen.
connect cluster Connect to a Postgresql instance (Cluster).
connect deposit Connect to a DEPOSIT.
connect target Connect to a cluster and it's deposit. (Same as argument '-t')
create deposit Create a deposit on the currently connected cluster.
create restore point Create a temporary or permanent restore point.


delete backup Delete backup from the DEPOSIT.
delete cluster Remove a cluster from the DEPOSIT.
delete restore point Remove a restore point.
disconnect cluster Disconnect currently connected cluster.
disconnect deposit Disconnect current deposit.
duplicate full Create a new PostgreSQL instance from a backup
duplicate partial Create a new PostgreSQL instance from a backup. This can be a partial restore


exit Exit from RECM tool.


history List all executed command


list backup List all existing backup
list clusters List all registered clusters
list restore point List all restore point
list wal List all WAL files backuped.


modify backup Modify backup properties.
modify cluster Modify cluster properties.


quit Exit from RECM tool.


register cluster Register a cluster into current DEPOSIT.
register files Register files in the DEPOSIT.
restore config Restore PostgreSQL configuration files.
restore meta Restore METADATA sql files.
restore full Restore a full cluster.
restore partial Restore a partial cluster.
restore wal Restore WAL files.


statistic deposit Display DEPOSIT statistics. Display Used space of all clusters
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