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We use an instance of Hummingbot on the Penumbra testnet to pull in quasi-realistic pricing information for testnet assets. See relevant config docs here: https://github.com/Se7en-Seas/hummingbot/blob/penunumbra-integration/README_Penumbra_Osiris.md

While working with Hummingbot, expect that its UI blocks frequently! You may think your terminal session has frozen; nay, Hummingbot is running UI-blocking work. Be patient, particularly around "start" and "stop" actions.

Managing trades or stopping the bot

  1. ssh <username>@hbot.plinfra.net
  2. sudo su -l penumbra # you should see the hummingbot terminal interface
  3. Type stop inside the hummingbot control panel to halt trading
  4. Type exit inside the hummingbot control panel to exit the interface

Starting the bot

  1. ssh <username>@hbot.plinfra.net
  2. sudo su -l penumbra # you should see a shell
  3. cd ~/hummingbot
  4. ./start to run the hummingbot interface, use pw "penumbra"
  5. start --script penumbra_osiris.py # will block! be patient

Editing trading pairs

On the hummingbot instance, edit ~penumbra/hummingbot/scripts/penumbra_osiris.py and adjust the following vars:

    # The pair on penumbra to trade
    trading_pair = "test_atom-test_usd"
    # How the trading pair will be priced according to binance price feeds
    reference_pair = "ATOM-USDT"

Make sure the concatenated reference pair, e.g. ATOMUSDT, is supported by the Binance US API. After you make those edits, you'll need to stop/restart the bot.


  1. hummingbot only handles 1 trading pair per instance
  2. hummingbot always trades out of subaccount 0 on the provided wallet
  3. hummingbot always uses 50% of available reserves (in subaccount 0) for trades
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